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  chickenpie90  |  16

Haha good one

  SuperKnuckels  |  6

actually yeah hes more right. Every girl ive known dates those prep losers who have the same attitude like people from jersey shore. You just want to think their nice but are just as shallow.


Thank you 48.

Truth is girls knowingly date jerks all the time while kicking the nice guys to the curb. And yet when they get screwed over by the jerk they want sympathy? Nope. They had their chance with a nice guy and they spat on it. They get what they deserve.

  aruam365  |  24

59- we can't force ourselves to be attracted to the "nice guy." Usually we know they're a better option in the treating us well category but we only think of them as friends. Being attracted to jerks is unfortunately a common fault amongst us females.

  Ergayles  |  9

59 Ok, I would understand where you're coming from if she had a nice guy as a boyfriend, and she left him for the asshole then he cheated on her, yeah she deserves it.but that's most likely not the case here, I mean most guys who are jerks aren't just going to come out and say "hey I'm in asshole, be my gf so I could treat you like crap, and degrade you in the future".so no need to be so hard on her.

  SpicyDuck  |  22

So what I'm getting here 5, is that you know this guy? Cause you seem to know his personality exactly. Yeah no I doubt it so get over yourself. OP never said "hey I went for the jerk and he cheated on me wahhh!" For all you know he could have been a nice guy. I know enough nice guys that have cheated on their girl. I was cheated on by a pretty guy who's never had another girlfriend. You don't always know a person.


Nah I don't know him, just playing statistics. Statistically he was a jerk, and she either knew it before she dated him or soon after she started.

I'm curious though, how many nice guys have you kicked to the curb? Karma can hurt

  dcg1375  |  7

80-you can't make assumptions and tell her she deserves it. All types of people cheat. From the nice guy to the jerk. From the quiet shy girl to the outgoing girl. It all depends on someone's maturity level and respect for themselves and others. The brain is complex. No matter how much you love someone there will always be another person out there you are attracted to and/or have chemistry with. Some people are mature enough to realize that what they have with the person they are with is more important. And some people are not or they have a thing for self sabotaging their love life. One again-maturity. It sounds like you consider yourself the "nice guy" and have been either dumped all over by girls or passed up several times. Just because you have had a rough love life does not make this OP s fault and make her deserve it. You can only hope that the person you go in to a relationship loves and/or respects you enough that they will be honest with you. But there is no one type of person that cheats and you can never control what choices anybody makes but yourself. You seem to have some underlying anger issues that sound like they need to be addresses with a real therapist. That or just get over it. If not you will never have a successful relationship holding this grudge. To OP, I'm sorry for your boyfriend and bfs actions. I wish you better luck in the future.