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By  aDropOfSunshine  |  2

At least it didn't hit any other cars in the process of sliding down the hill (or I'd assume that would deserve mention here). Then again, that's probably only because everyone else was smart enough to park elsewhere,

By  twitlight  |  0

Apparently, having you as the owner was also a mistake.

Why the hell would you park your car on an ICY SLOPE? Those two words put together just scream trouble.

  The_Disturbed  |  5

Twitlight, I think the question is more HOW would you park a car on an icy slope? Surely it'd start sliding down as soon as you slow down/stop as opposed to waiting all night to start going down the hill?

And OP...I'm hoping for your sake that it wasn't icy when you parked the car, otherwise you're a total idiot and should go learn the meaning of common sense. YDI