By Duped - United States
Today, I received the sweetest love letter from my boyfriend after having a bad day. After gushing about it and reading it to my friends, they said it reminded them of a letter that they'd seen online. He got it from a fill-in-the-blank love letter generator. FML
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By  CheapoBilo  |  0

Big fucking deal if it wasn't his letter. He still made you happy, right? STFU and just appreciate that your boyfriend cared enough to give you a love letter in the first place.

  xxxNataliexxx  |  0

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  nazooer  |  11

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  dnlphm94  |  0

^^ Agreed. Your boyfriend could have not written anything for you at all. At least he was trying to make you feel better, rather than not do anything.

  Person_Man  |  0

YDI for going and reading it to your friends you *****. Love letters are supposed to be private, and if you kept it that way, then you would still be happy and not whining on FML!

By  CheapoBilo  |  0

Big fucking deal if it wasn't his letter. He still made you happy, right? STFU and just appreciate that your boyfriend cared enough to give you a love letter in the first place.

  morgiebear15  |  10

That wasnt very nice..i wouldnt want my bf to give me something that didnt come from his heart it came from the internet..that doesnt show his true feelings.. So i agree with her its kinda dumb that he got it off a love letter generator

By  sLAUGHTERxx  |  0

I have to agree with CheapoBilo...but I agree a little less rudely. You should still be appreciative of what your boyfriend gave you. It may have come from an online-generator, but it's still from the heart. He wouldn't have used that specific template if he didn't think it was a good love letter. And so what he didn't make it? He still had the heart to give it to you! Be thankful! Right now I think he doesn't deserve you! All you care about is where it came from! It came from the computer but if your boyfriend didn't think it was from-the-heart enough, he wouldn't have used it! And I say YDI for complaining about a love letter! At least you got one! I've never gotten a love letter and even if a boy dug it out of a garbage can I would still be thankful!

  Stured  |  0

Yeh, basicaly what i was about to say. Takes some guts to give a soppy letter to girl. Not ll of us have the ability to write artisticly either.

  chicken_lover  |  2

agreed. a lot of guys can't figure out what to say, but they want to be nice and loving anyway. it shows he cares about you and just needed help with what to say. i see how you might be a little embarrassed by showing everyone and bragging about it, but at least he cares about you.

  Sun_Kissed18  |  25

I don't know about that... to me this screams lazy-uncaring-boyfriend-who-just-did-this-to-shut-up-his-girlfriend-about-not-showing-his-emotions-or-something-like-that


Yeah. At least he loved you enough to even MAKE you one. Be happy, and thank him the next time you see him! He probably isn't the best with words, but wanted to do something sweet for you. Aw.

By  patticake1601  |  0

Poor guy, he tried so hard to make you happy, don't be a cow and tell him you know he got the letter from the internet. Sometimes in relationships it's best to keep your mouth shut, this is one of those situations. What will you gain from telling him that you know? Thank him for taking the time to do something sweet for you. And your friends SUCK!!!

By  jw90  |  18

aww I'm sorry he can't actually write his own letter OP...but some people
just find it hard expressing things
in their own words and nee a little help