By notakeeper - 03/01/2014 03:50 - United States - Orlando

Today, my boyfriend wrote me a long poem that ended with, "Please don't get another mister / I regret I screwed your sister". FML
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get a new mister that won't screw your sister.


maybe thats the only rhyming word he could come up with? if not fyl op!

Anyone willing to stay with a cheater I feel bad for

That's not very romantic ... Did u slap him

I think something more along the lines of telling him "u a rude ass bitch yo" would really get to him.

Someones ****** up. and thats your soon to be ex I mean

Your punctuation and grammar is also ****** up.

I can imagine that being said in a fancy voice because of your picture.

NiceGuysDoWin 21

*Your punctuation and grammar ARE also ****** up. :)

#107 you could have literally emphasized any other word in that sentence.

jojimugo 20

#45 It could be screwed up in the fanny (Europe) or fanny (USA) either way it's messed up

JustSarah 13

Write him one back ending with "it's time to say goodbye!".

challan 19

now you look like a hobbit... after I pulled a Lorriana Bobbit.

StompinOnCrayons 15

"We are finished you bastard, I'm leaving you now, To go slap my sister, Who is such a big cow "

"Its time to say goodbye, I hope you flippin' die."

XDsmileyDX_fml 24

Remember the love between you and I? Now use your hand, because it's goodbye.

get a new mister that won't screw your sister.

I'd think she'd need a new sister that won't screw her mister also, but that's just me.

if she dumps her mister, there's a twister, she'll still have her sister who'd eagerly like to fist her. the guy tried to diss her writing a poem full of scripture, he painted a picture that made her wish her sister wasn't with her but jokes on him cause he's lesser without her or her sister.

NoThanks999 19

your poem hurt my smarty bits

Let's just hope that he's a rubbish poet and wrote that because it was the only rhyme he could think of.

That's what I was wondering. Maybe it's just a ballsy joke. A very VERY ballsy joke.

What are you waiting for? Write him a poem back!

Roses are red. Violets are blue. That's okay, Because I screwed your best friend too.

I can only write Hiaukus You are a ******** I hope you die in a fire you sister ******

Poems are made by fools like me And you have a tiny pee pee :P

This has by far been my favorite string of comments, I cant stop laughing. Keep it up guys

Thats is probably the saddest most terrible way to say i ****** your sister.

I would say it's time to find a new mister....& a new sister