By Anonymous - 01/02/2011 18:52 - United States

Today, my boyfriend dumped me because his iPod app said I was cheating. FML
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Maybe you shouldn't have been fucking your boyfriend's iPod.

Why were you dating an iTard anyway?


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wow hes an idiot. u didnt lose much so dnt grieve over it

I gotta agree if left you because of an app then he doesn't have a mind of his own and isn't worth keeping.

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we got the same bday! woo!

sheribb 5

best thing that happened to you sweetie!

That awkward moment when his iPod app is a video camera.

That is really sad.

Maybe you shouldn't have been fucking your boyfriend's iPod.

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then your cheating on him... the apps never lie

set to vibrate

iPods don't have a vibrate feature unless you blare a song with some pretty extreme bass.

haha I can't even look at your picture :0 it's nasty ;)

I was thinking of iPhone,my mistake

iPod's DO have vibrate.. iPod touch does..

iPod touch does not, I am posting from one right now

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I think there's an app for that...

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The iPod is smarter than you anyway. I bet you can't do all the complex mathematical calculations that it can. Trust the damn thing for once.

Go Huskies!!!!

Why were you dating an iTard anyway?


^ so much you forgot how to spell? and what's with all the app FML's lately

Either he's an incredible idiot for believing that or an ass who doesn't care enough to tell you the real reason. Either way I'd say you're lucky to be rid of him.

I agree girls dont notice that when guys break up with them while using stupid excuses it means that they don't want to date the girl and could think of a reason why

U guys are probably really young

A loser like that deserves to be single.

xoxrita 0

Agreeed. Noone does that because an app told them!

Well, apparently he did. Derp.

When you are dating someone capable of making that decision it is your fault.

14, You just never know. People do 180's and break your heart for totally false reasons. It can happen to ANY one. If I were you, I'd brace myself now...