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Today, I wanted to annoy my sister by playing the air horn app on my iPhone. I forgot that I had headphones in. Let's just say I quickly had to change my underwear. FML
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The karma's so thick in here you could choke someone with it.


Because suddenly brown underwear didn't seem appropriate anymore.. Why do you think, dumbass -_-

Skate4life, you're either the dumbest son of a bitch on here, or you're the biggest troll on here. I can't decide which one it is, so please enlighten us.

DocBastard, I've been looking at your picture for the past 5 minutes and I can't make out what it is.

The karma's so thick in here you could choke someone with it.

Karma only affects how you will be born in the next life. Ex: Good Karma: Born a wealthy human, or something Bad Karma: Born an ant Why do people always think it's some kind of justice system? -_-

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20, THANK YOU. I'm glad someone finally said something.

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It's not a justice system. Yet, it also does not only affect your next life. The idea of karma is that the your actions are of a certain energy, whether it be positive or negative and that energy surrounds you and attracts similar energies to you. Ex. You kick a dog, your boyfriend sleeps with a friend of yours. You did something negative, and something negative came back around. The karmic effects of all of your actions actively shape your past, present, and future experiences. Source: I took a course on Buddhism in college.

20 - what are you the karma authority? no. it affects you now and in your next life

My apologies. I was only taught it affects your next life in my social studies class ._.

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20 - well it may be true for certain religions that it only affects the next life, but not for all. In Wiccan beliefs karma is that if you do a good or bad act then you will get a greater amount of good or bad back at you. I don't know much about Wicca so I can't say if they believe in a next life or not.

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The concept of Karma is first mentioned in the ancient texts of Hinduism, centuries before Buddhism originated. The texts say that all the good and bad a person does is recorded and are evaluated upon death, the more the good deeds, the better your next birth will be. Say you had good karma, you will be born human. Say you are a murderer or worse, chances are you will end up a cockroach. All other concepts of Karma in existence have been borrowed from this central idea and altered to suit the need of the hour.

Ok everyone you can stop explaining karma now... 38 explained it very well so no further explanation is needed

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#38 so it's like physics,you give off protons (good deeds)... which isnt possible but what ever... and protons are attracted to you (if it were possible in the first place)... give off electrons and negative things are attracted to you. by this logic we could make an engine that runs entirely off of good deeds and end our dependency on foreign oil in no time, or radiation poisoning for all!!! win win?

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That sounds about right. However, I'm completely exhausted and my brain is not quite working right now, so it's entirely possible that you just spouted a bunch of gibberish and I'm unable to see that. [:

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Exactly karma can be considered a sort of religion in the sense that it affects your next life. But theres another meaning as in "what goes around comes around." whether short term or long term.

That's chemistry, physics is based around significant digits and the information surrounding motion

haha I think I just peed a little laughing so hard...

how do you forget you have headphones in?