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Today, I realised that my closeted gay friend has dated more women this year than I have in my 28 years of life. FML
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If he's gay is it fair that he is dating women giving them a false hope of a relationship?


Turn him into your wingman, sounds like he's definitely got the talent to talk to women

Meet some new people OP, you can do this!

That's so wrong of him. Regardless OP, perhaps he can introduce you to someone? You got this.

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Because he's deceiving plural women. How would you like it if you went on a few dates with somebody that you really liked, only for them to say, "Psych! I only went out with you for my own purposes."?

That's like every guy anyways regardless lol.

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This article is about OP, not his friend.

How do we know his closest gay friend isn't in fact a female?

OOPS! I read it as CLOSEST gay friend not CLOSETED gay friend. Now I know it is not a female. Disregard my last comment.

19, do you actually speak from experience or are you generalizing? (I think I already know the answer) Seriously, wtf?

Damn OP FML for sure. Keep your head up and you will find the right girl

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You'll get the hang of it! The good ones are always worth the wait!

You need to get out more, go to clubs, bars just try to meet people

If he's gay is it fair that he is dating women giving them a false hope of a relationship?

Absolutely not. It's pretty harsh tbh!

Am I the only one who took it as gay woman (as in lesbian)? That makes more sense than a gay man dating women, if he is truly gay... Edit: oh wait, it says "closeted"... that makes a little more sense...

A lot of people who are gay go into straight relationships because they are confused about their sexuality, scared of their sexuality because of how they were brought up, or afraid of judgement/losing a job. In about 30 states you can lose a job if you're gay. My aunt had a boyfriend all through high school and didn't come out to our family until she was 26.

Not really fair. Gay men can get women. You know how they say "the best wing man is a girl" not true. Best wing man is a gay friend!

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Date the girls that break up with him when they realize he's gay?