By Anonymous - 05/09/2014 21:37 - Sweden - Ume

Today, I tried to pull the old "bucket of water above the door" prank on my brother, but the bucket didn't fall when he opened the door. He noticed it, took it down, then pinned me to the floor and waterboarded me with the ice-cold water. FML
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ALS challenge: you're doing it wrong.

You so deserved that. I've never heard of it actually working


ALS challenge: you're doing it wrong.

What's an ALS challenge?

Its a fundraiser to cause awareness for ALS. You donate money tp the cause, and dump an ice cold bucket of water on your head, then nominate person(s) to continue on with the challenge raising more money.

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ALS Challenge to torture methods in less than a minute...

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge -_-

#66 Something wrong with raising money for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)? Which by the way is more commonly known as Lou Gehrig's disease.

ALS challenge.

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@OhWhoCares First of all, noone has to do the challenge. Second, you do not have to dump water on your head to participate in said challenge. You can twist it a bit to work for your area..For example, you can do it by jumping into a pool fully clothed, into the ocean, pond, lake, etc. That way you aren't "wasting" water.

"WhoCares" - I find your comment to be incredibly ignorant and selfish. Do you know what ALS does to a person? It KILLS them. It kills them in a very degrading and terrifying way. Once diagnosed, most people are given 2-5 years to live on average. The last half of which is spent in a wheelchair being fed through a ******* tube, not even being able to SPEAK. Did I mention there is no cure? Or even a clue of what causes ALS? So I'm ******* sorry if you're "sick and tired" of hearing about this "stupid fad." It is to help raise money and awareness to try and SAVE people from this horrible death. It could happen to anyone, people you love (or yourself) included. Maybe then you'll wish you had cared a little bit more.

38 should have more thumbs up. Just the fact that the disease has no cure/no known causes, should be enough for anyone to be concerned. Its not lung cancer, or anything else that you cause on yourself. It's random af; barely hereditary. I bet if your mom got affected you would hope everyone does the damn challenge. Your username fits your selfish personality, @ohwhocares/31.

So you have never wasted water before? I bet right after your area is out of this drought, you will go straight back to wasting water as much as everybody else. The only people who can use that excuse to hate the amazing charity are people who always have to live with limited resources.

#35, when I read "ill probably get thumbed down for this" I instantly thumb down regardless if I agree with you or not. If you are going to ask for it, I will thumb you down. A lot of people use that as a reverse psychology tactic and it doesn't work on me.

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Fuck you people have a right to there opinion, also, ALS tests are done on animals.

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I agree 100%. My family had to watch one of our closest friends suffer from this terrible disease, and for those who say they are sick of the challenge for ALS (which raises money so that maybe someday noone will have to watch loved ones suffer) are selfish or completely ignorent.

So I think that even though the ice bucket challenge is sort of a fad, it does raise awareness and helps give researchers funding to continue their search for finding this cure. Although there are a lot of people that just do the challenge because it's popular, and do not actually give any money to charities, there is still increasing amount if awareness, which is important because it brings attention to other people who would actually donate. Before this challenge, I saw the show "Cake Boss" and in the particular episode that I watched, Buddy's mother was diagnosed with ALS. Intrigued by what this disease was, I did research on it, and found out that it is a painful disease, that usually starts in the hands, and every part with that disease slowly stops working as the disease spreads to other posts of the body. It's basically a slow, painful death that also comes with a lot of mental frustration because patients know they cannot do anything about the fact that they have at most 4 years to live, and also because they cannot do basic tasks by themselves, such as holding a cupcake. At one point the patient is unable to speak, making it hard for then to say what they want help with on top of the struggle of them moving, basically making them a statue on the outside, with feelings and needs on the inside.

@ohwhocares since you obviously dont know what ALS even is, I recommend watching the movie Tuesday's With Morrie. It is a very good movie and it shows, in a somewhat nongraphic way, what ALS does to a person. Lets just say this, it starts with you not being able to walk and ends with your heart giving out causing a massive heart attack.

A severe drought I see. Well maybe you'd care more about how Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) is a neurological disease also known as Lou Gehrig's disease. You don't have to dump water over your head, you can just donate if you didn't know.

You so deserved that. I've never heard of it actually working

You definitely deserved that one. Better luck next time.

So since he waterboarded you, do you have to donate to ISIS?

um, what?

Wtf kind of logic is that?

In gonna take a crack at what #5 said and assume that because water boarding is an illegal interrogation technique and ISIS is an alleged criminal syndicate that he's just using wordplay as if it was like the ALS challenge but for ISIS.

and that is called That's What You Get When You Try To Perform The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. or Karma for short

No it's not

No thats what you get when you attempt a prank and fail.

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Reverse ALS ice bucket challenge.

Even if it did work, he was going get you somehow

How is it possible that it didn't fall? Did you break physics?

Maybe the door frame sticks out really far and gave the bucket enough support.

From what I understood, it didn't work because OP's brother saw the bucket before he opened the door. He then got a ladder, took the bucket down and then proceeded to water board OP. At least that was my take on things.

It says the bucket didn't fall when he opened the door. I've just never seen a door frame large enough to hold a bucket of water on its own...

Most likely he placed the bucket wrong and it balanced on the door, thus failing to fall

No it didn't fall and when he turned around he saw the bucket. Either you are implying his bro can see through walls or OP is an idiot for putting the bucket on the wrong side lmao.

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There is humanity wasting more clean drinking water.

gjikvtj 18


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OK, am I just ignorant? What's with all these people lately freaking out about wasting water? I'm not saying to use it recklessly, but to my knowledge in most areas it's a renewable resource, and will always replace itself frequently (except in deserts where it's not as wet). I kinda just want to understand where these people are coming from. A lot of people in my area were bitching about the ALS challenge, saying it "wastes precious water" and I didn't understand it at all. The water goes in the ground...gets filtered by rocks...makes it back to a river and the water cycle continues. Anyone care to explain? :)

Water evaporates, and the water cycle continues. There is no "wasting" water.

Dreamsorrow93 24

Then jump in a lake. Dumb ass. Do you drink run off from the ground? A muddy puddle? No? Then do you know what to takes to purify said drinking water? Energy. What do most energy supplies make? Pollution. What does pollution do? Chokes the earth. Why is this bad? It is killing the earth. What can you do instead of wasting said water? Jump in a pond, pool, lake, ocean. Plus. Why do you need to waste water to donate to a charity. Every paycheck I make I donate 20$ to the children's cancer research center, no five minutes of fame needed.

There's only so much freshwater. We're actually heading to a point where we need to be concerned about the loss of fresh water bodies. That being said, we waste more water using the restroom than with the ALS challenge.

This comment finally convinced me to make an account. I have unfortunate news for you. The education system has failed you (or vice versa). Ground water, for the most part, usually filters itself out and requires little filtration. That's assuming that it needs to be filtered. It may be used for irrigation. And please dont act like youve never wasted water. If youve ever taken a shower longer than five minutes, youve wasted water. If youve ever made ice to put into a drink, youve wasted water. If you ever ironed a shirt, youve wasted water. There is no and will never be a shortage of fresh water.

I have an idea. press a burning sigaret on your arm and then see how many water you'll waste

#58 I'm wondering where you think people are doing this challenge. I'm positive that

#58 I'm wondering where you think people are doing this challenge. I'm positive that most do it outside, where it all goes into the ground, is filtered if needed, and used for irrigation. You dump water outside, it's not going anywhere but back into the Earth. I hope you can understand that and not be so butt-hurt when someone "wastes water" next time unless it's somewhere where it won't get back into the earth. Sorry about the first comment, I got a call and it auto-posted.