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  YacL  |  15

22- Couldn't of been THAT bad if she didn't notice, unless this is the first time her roommate tried this little experiment, then I'd have to agree with you.

  LiveLaughFML  |  10

#29 yeah i understand what you're saying :) but i wouldn't care if it was the first or last time. i wouldn't like anyone using my deodorant on their sweaty crotch to "prevent ingrown hairs" :P but that's just me, lol!

  mgsoloist  |  14

31-to me the sprays feel really waxy and gross. Like we use it in drumline to prevent our sticks from slipping cuz it's that waxy. Sticks are smooth.

  emmanizzer  |  6

I've actually heard that uou're not supposed to put deodorants on after shaving because it can irritate it even more. Unscented lotions work best. Or baby oil.

  dubstepp  |  15

Actually if u have bad razor burn using roll on deodorant makes it feels better. I've seen my mom use it and she said it made it cool off basically.

  buckstop1  |  37

Yes actually, it does. It works for me at least. A friend of mine told me the same thing. I was skeptical too, I thought she was just fucking with me until I actually tried it haha.

  beach_bound_  |  5

Yup, it works. I have two different deodorants, I shave at night, put a thick layer of it on, sleep that way, wash it of in the morning and no razor burn, no red blotches and no ingrown hairs.

  neonblue120  |  6

Look down -- your vagina -- a stinking, rotting, cesspool look back up -- my face curled in agony and disgust -- Get that shit right look down again troll face.

  flockz  |  19

look at your vagina, now back to me. this situation is grim, can you tell by the stench? but if you were to use old spice, you would never be insecure about your vagina again. now back to me. im riding a fish, because it smells like you.