By ROLLY - 03/03/2010 20:35 - United States

Today, my boyfriend stole a guy's cookie. As revenge, he stole my iPod. FML
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A cookie is equall to an iPod BIATCHhhhhhh

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You are all making me very hungry. Stop making me hungry before I eat you all :)

I can tell no one's stolen any cookies from you in years.

I agree. Eat the cookie.. if you're five. if not shame on you for dating a five year old.

how you let someone steal you iPod . irresponsible .

You obviously know who did it so go get it back. Then eat the cookie.

I sure do like cookies, and my iPod. I wonder which one I like more...

Well now you have to one up him... steal his virginity?

I agree with #18. Why was your iPod somewhere it could be stolen? My iPhone never leaves my pocket... unless he stole it from you by force, in which case he should get his ass kicked. Actually he deserves a beat down anyway.

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How old are you that someone cries about a stolen cookie and you get you iPod stolen by said cry baby.

or maybe start acting like the cookie is an iPod and plug earbuds into it and act like ur listening to music or playing games on it, then he will envy the cookie and trade back the iPod for the cookie

There is only one solution to this: you need to steal that guy's girlfriend.

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scientist have proven that cookies are greater then an ipod

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I think you should kick his ass...take back your iPod by force... then when it's all over, eat the cookie infront of his face haha.

Bite his penis off? Actually just steal his virginity with nasty strap on butt secks!

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I have a question. I think people may have misread it. the guy who's not her boyfriend stole her iPod.

haha nice 55. but i hate it when people say earbuds, instead of saying headphones. just sounds weird to me...

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hehe... you failed. wanna' cookie?

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Why is everyone saying "Steal their boyfriend"? First off, they are boyfriend and girlfriend. Second, the girlfriend is the one writing the FML, and it said nothing about the boyfriend having a boyfriend!

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what the ****. The only words that can make sense.

cookie is a synonym for virginity; so dude is justified in taking the iPod.

1985 called. It wants it's joke back.

it's actually sad that 1985 is being used to represent something old. even more sad when you consider most of the people that post weren't alive in '85...

haha that's like when my mom called my dad fat then he called me ugly

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your boyfriend is obviously immature for stealing a cookie so break up with him then steal his ipod

If he has an iPod o.O either way eat the cookie!! XD

her boyfriend stole the cookie so bye the time he stole her ipod the cookie was disolved bye the bf's stomach acids and it will be coming back very soon 8D!!!

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NEVER mess with a man and his cookie

XD hahahahahahahahah owned by the old dbag up front XD