By Anonymous - 08/01/2015 14:24 - Estonia - Tallinn

Today, my boyfriend told me that he gets more pleasure out of using a Q-tip than he does having sex with me. FML
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The next time he wants to have sex, give him a box of Q-tips.

Who doesn't enjoy some good Q-tip pleasure?


Better then shitting?

jojimugo 20


Better saying a Q tip then saying taking a shit.

Taking a shit can be a huge pleasure. I wouldn't mind being compared to that :D

Who doesn't enjoy some good Q-tip pleasure?

He was just giving a her a tip, now he should really give her the tip.

incoherentrmblr 21

Once you go black, you go deaf...

#62 who said he was black ? ?

That went way over your head #69

A better question is where he is putting the Q-tip.

#100 I think you know.. or should be obvious.

GrimReefer66 29

Wow, what a douche thing to say.

The next time he wants to have sex, give him a box of Q-tips.

Best idea ever.

And then watch him sound himself with them.

Tell him you understand because he feels like a Q-tip to you.

Q-tips are a special sort of pleasure that no one can match

Family Guy ear sex?

Not even oral sex can compare with aural sex.

My boyfriend and I call it "having a moment"

"Glad the feeling is mutual."

Using a Q-tip...where?

Steve97 32

Cleaning my ears with a Q-tip and I pants

Just say you have more pleasure in being single

That's a pathetic reason to dump the guy over, they are satisfying actually...

just imagine how stupid you'll sound when your friends ask why you're not together and you'll say "oh he liked q-tips"

Just a tip for next time...

Should've told him that having sex with his dick is about the same as using a q-tip.

Excellent comeback. I wish I could vote this up to comment number one. A Q-Tip Penis burn is everlasting.