By Meowingtons500 - 28/11/2011 04:02 - Canada

Today, I was looking through some old family pictures for a scrapbook I'm making. I found images of my dad passed out in his underwear, my great-grandpa having a drunken bath, and an unidentified moustachioed man sitting on the toilet, giving the photographer the finger. FML
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Meowingtons500 tells us more.

Think Mario moustache + typical Saskatchewanian redneck man with a 80's trucker hat and you gots it.:)

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There is always that random mustache guy in pictures...

enonymous 8

I do not deny that I was in this photo


I am confused by this comment.

slushpup9696 12

The brackets around "ily" are to emphasize those letters, which also stand for, "I love you."

Family = Father And Mother I Love You

JennyBear101 0

That's cute

linkinpark98 23

I laughed so hard. xD

Cool story bro.

fluffy_nuggets 0

Oof. I think you're looking in the wrong pictures lol

giggetyalright 1

your family sounds like fun OP :)

Op, is it possible we may be related?

carmieloulou 0

Be happy your family knows how to party. :)

Sounds like a traditional family album to me

Mir. My very [un]traditional family album is LAME. Retarded coordinating outfits and smiles faker than Chloe Sims.

This is AWESOME. Sorry you had to go through that...

Thats what family is all about.


All alone in the moon light.