By Meowingtons500 - 28/11/2011 04:02 - Canada

Today, I was looking through some old family pictures for a scrapbook I'm making. I found images of my dad passed out in his underwear, my great-grandpa having a drunken bath, and an unidentified moustachioed man sitting on the toilet, giving the photographer the finger. FML
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Meowingtons500 tells us more.

Think Mario moustache + typical Saskatchewanian redneck man with a 80's trucker hat and you gots it.:)

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There is always that random mustache guy in pictures...

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I do not deny that I was in this photo


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The brackets around "ily" are to emphasize those letters, which also stand for, "I love you."

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Oof. I think you're looking in the wrong pictures lol

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your family sounds like fun OP :)

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Be happy your family knows how to party. :)

Sounds like a traditional family album to me

Mir. My very [un]traditional family album is LAME. Retarded coordinating outfits and smiles faker than Chloe Sims.

This is AWESOME. Sorry you had to go through that...