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Today, in an attempt to spice things up a bit, my boyfriend and I discovered he takes it in the butt better than I do. FML
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Well yeah, ever heard of the prostate? Guys are more likely to enjoy it up the ass than girls. (Side note: guys are also better at ******** because their spit is naturally thicker which helps them deep throat easier)


The brown eye, people. He's referring to the asshole.

Uh oh. My eyes are brown. Must be why my step-dad always says I'm full of shit :(

Well yeah, ever heard of the prostate? Guys are more likely to enjoy it up the ass than girls. (Side note: guys are also better at ******** because their spit is naturally thicker which helps them deep throat easier)

Damn, so I guess the gays have it all figured out

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But...how do you know about the spit?

I came here to say exactly this. If you're in a relationship where pegging is an option, you should know a little bit about anatomy.

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Calm down #40, don't be too open minded.

CliffyB03 28

No, but seriously though. Mine was an honest question. I thought all of our saliva was the same thickness.

You ever notice how guys tend to spit more often, and how its like easier in general (of course it changes per person) to spit like far away and stuff? Its because their spit is naturally thicker in general and there's also just more of it. Where for women, their spit tends to do that only when eating or after they've started giving a ******* it'll start to also. But that happens to guys too only starting at a higher level, and going upwards.

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never did I think fml comments would be this informative. (and also this open minded) thanks for the information

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damn, I thought I knew a lot of barely useful facts

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Interesting but how does spit help with deep throating? I would think it has far more to do with the ability to relax and suppress the gag reflex. TMI but isn't excess saliva more of a deterrent in a ********, rather than a benefit?

yes, excess lubrication is always a downer

We salivate when we eat so that its easier to swallow/helps it not get stuck plus all of the eating/digestive reasons. The excess also then helps for deep throating because everything is easier to move around. Yes of course the ability to relax those muscles still plays a big part obviously, but the natural ability to salivate as such gives a slight advantage for guys.

Also, gag reflex while doing a ******* can be suppressed by making a fist with your left hand and squeezing your thumb. It's a dentistry trick that works with most people.

To quote the great Peaches: Don't you know it's supposed to feel better for boys?

This is FML; get your head outta your ass and deal with the fact that this app has explicit content.

Dude, for ****'s sake, the name of the site is "**** My Life." You got this far; either enjoy it, or find somewhere else to be thick-headed.

"But Moooooooooom! Literally EVERYONE takes it up the ass better than I do! Even Steve! THIS ISNT FAIR!" *foot stomp*

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Whether he liked it or not, if a man agrees to get pegged, he can never let on that its the least bit uncomfortable, if he hopes to be able to stick it up his girls butt ever again.

That backfires by the girl becoming convinced her boyfriend is secretly gay, or being jealous he's better at it and refuses to do it again.

Badkarma4u 17

If a girl thinks a guy is gay because he likes having sex with HER. Then she's too dumb to date.

If a guy fakes enjoying something that's causing him pain then he's too dumb period. If he does it just to keep doing something to his girlfriend that she might not even like then he's just a jerk.

Ahh the good old "I'll let her painfully peg me so I can painfully peg her" trick. Great until everyone realizes just how much of a pain in the ass it can be to keep up.

I mean, not true. My husband was a little bitch about it but I still let him in the backdoor, if you will. :p

My spouse is completely honest about his backdoor experiences because our sex life is based on what feels good for the both of us, not a weird butt sex guilt trip dealy. Not to sound crazy or anything.