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  bbobe900000  |  0


yep, shut his fuck up. what is a fuck? hahahahahaha. crazycok is awesome. except I'm not too fond of the last thing he said to premiermois, but I guess he had it coming...

anyway hilarious

and to the OP, he could have been talking completely out of his ass and have never actually had sex before. but also he could be talking about his ex or something... there are many possibilities


EVERYONE has secrets.


At crazycoc: Get a life for the love of god. Seriously do you feel the need to comment EVERYTHING? And before you tell me to fuck myself/suck your cock or any of the other lovely things you say, why don't you get your thirteen year old ass offline and go try and do something with your life.

By  your_face  |  15

Well, you should take advantage of his drunkenness to find out if he's cheating - you'll be better able to catch him off guard when he's drunk. If he's not, maybe he meant he was bored of not having sex, and thought some new positions would convince you.

  gp_gangsta  |  0

thats what she said!! =p

@op maybe his saying the relationship is getting boring and new positions can be considering just starting to since u have never done it before technically they would be new positions with you.