That's a hard no from me, dawg

By soontobesingle - 19/03/2013 11:30 - United States - Chicago

Today, I found out that my gorgeous, smart, perfect new boyfriend has an unusual fetish. It doesn't involve me at all actually. Just a Labrador. This is probably a deal breaker. FML
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Mikeskinner 7

Looks like you're... Barking up the wrong tree.

acerima 11

Screw the puns, that is just sick.


Mikeskinner 7

Looks like you're... Barking up the wrong tree.

caplox 6

ha...hahh..hahah...hahaha hahah ahh


It also involves taking a big Shih Tzu so that OP can Go and Retrieve'er, and maybe later he'll Cock her Spaniel.

Mikeskinner 7

Ah, your puns make me happier than a dog in bone heaven.

He'll be giving her dog a bone, later. Frankly I find it appawling, but it's a dog eat dog world out there. (fuck can't believe I just came up with this.)

Bet he likes to do it Doggy Style ;-)

hellbilly205 17

Probably a deal breaker?

70- I'll bet she gives him a bone. But what brand does he like best?

Dusty_Busters 15

I pictured you doing the sunglasses thing that dude in CSI Miami does

edreice 1

Call me crazy... This is SOOO funny!

That's a Scooby Dooby Don't. FYL Op.

Life's a bitch.

Or so OP's boyfriend wishes.

pun intended

kristabelli 19

"Probably" a deal breaker???? Really???

Success4444 12

Did you find out while Snoopying around?

I wonder what she thought she was gonna FIDOut by snooping around in his business

Did you learn about it on Skype?

It sounds like he is going to be in the dog house.

Sounds like that's where he wants to be.

No way, 9. He thought shed lap it up.

upallnight11 19

I guess he isn't perfect after all.

True love blinds one of ones flaws.. So perfection is in the eye of the beholder. So to that one special person or animal he is perfect..

TheManager 6

Admit it 18, you're his lover on the side.

42-noooooo really?

Didn't you know she has a love child with squeaky. Cough cough chipmunk fetish.

I'm curious as to when my balls were replaced with female sex organs @87 0.o

Aww shit, I read squeakers profile and heard about your pomachip love child, then assumed you were female. My fault.

He's just a man that loves his bitch, what is so wrong with that?

Epikouros 31

But we don't know whether he wants to do it with a female dog...

So is he still perfect in your eyes?

Stop taunting me!

110, he's talking about my profile. Teemo is part of a game that we play and is known as a "global taunt". But that's his problem

acerima 11

Screw the puns, that is just sick.

thosedogtags 8


acerima 11

Germany broke all my hooah

thosedogtags 8

What a shame.. I'm sorry! Good beer at least?? :s

acerima 11

This is a fact.

perdix 29

#10, was that a typo? Did you mean to write "pugs?" That's really sick!!!

acerima 11

Weak attempt to continue the gag

skullofdarkness 18

Screw screwing puns, let the man screw his dog.

thosedogtags 8

If it is what I think it is.. Then that's disgusting. I'm sorry, you'll find a guy one day who likes the normal "hair pulling, sweaty, back scratching kind of sex." Don't you worry! (: