By matchristityler - 09/02/2010 08:19 - United States

Today, my son pooped in his diaper and managed to somehow take it off without my knowledge. He then sat down on the carpet and imitated a dog with worms, all the way down the hallway, through the living room, and into my bedroom. FML
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that's actually fucking hilarious

if he's young enough to wear a diaper you should know what he's doing at all times


That's gross, I'm sorry.

so your carpet is now brown in color?

u should have been watching

Take pictures and show his gf when he is older to piss him off.

lol that's funny!

So then treat him like a dog and rub his nose in it.

wow that child needs to be disiplined totally unacceptable I feel for you

if the kid's still in nappies he won't know any better. c'mon like.

dogs with worms do not scoot. dogs with anal glands that need to be cleaned scoot.

I ur child.

wow maybe if u stopped playing bejeweled ud kno he took his diaper off.

you should have wiped his nose in it, he might not get a gf

I like your pic#50

that's actually fucking hilarious

should have recorded it. instant YouTube hit!

And as if this wasn't bad enough, you're living in Tyler, Texas.

You have a child. Why are you even surprised something like that happened? If you plop out a kid, stupid stuff like this occurs. I guess you didn't think of that when you considered having one, or worse yet, he was some kind of horrible accident.

so you against kids?

haha I thought you texans executed your young for being retarded

yeah and your a retarded for saying stupid shit like that where are you from fruty land you little fag

Lol I know right!!

No, we tie them to our horse by the ankles and then have the horse drag their ass around for a while. =_=

well next time get pull yourself away from the tv long enough to check your kid.

isn't it amazing how quickly kids can do stuff that takes hours to clean up?

@Enoch Lol that made me laugh......Texans are crazy.

I'm not crazy

At least he didn't paint tobmatch the carpet?