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Today, my boyfriend confessed to me that he purposely makes me angry, because when I'm angry, I clean, and it saves him having to do it himself. FML
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"Grr! Hulk clean!!!" -"GAAAH HULK NEED MORE LEMON PLEDGE!!!!"


Well instead of cleaning realise what your doing and flip da **** out

He's the exact opposite of an asshole. He's a critical thinker

Instead of cleaning you should start messing things up. That would show him.

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Resourceful man right there. Now, figure out how to have her get you beer and the remote and you'll be set.

I would figure a mouth would be the exact opposite of an asshole

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What I don't get is why he would tell her..

Well do you purposely make him angry so he'd talk with proper grammar?

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Your still here?! Holy shit. This goes to miss kaysl

32 - We'll take it for granted that she already knows how to make the sandwich, of course! (Can't forget the sandwich o.o)

This reminds me of something that could be in a Wiser's Whiskey commercial. I applaud you, my fellow man.

Can we all just have a big orgy im really lonely here

I feel as though this may be a YDI. Not for her cleaning, but lack thereof. If the only way he can get you to help clean at all is making you angry, maybe you could help out a bit more regularly so that he doesn't NEED to make you angry.

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135 - Oh right, how could I have forgotten the sandwich? Damnit!

60% of the time, it works every time.

It's smart thinking. He doesn't want to do it, it cools her off. What's the problem

My cousin makes beds when she's angry. One time while she was over at my house, we were sitting on my bed, and something triggered her anger, so she literally said to me, "Get off your bed. NOW!" I was pretty freaked out until she told me she makes beds when she's angry. So yeah, OP, you're not the only one. :) Whenever I'm angry, or pretty much any negative emotion, I either read or listen to music. Those are almost the only reasons why I'm so smart and musically talented.

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Confess to him that youve been secretly dipping his toothbrush in the toilet every morning ;)

Yeah, he's an asshole for telling you this and not keeping it to himself.

He isn't an asshole. He's a smart asshole.

I feel the term here would be " Evil Genius" But thats just me..

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Well you have to hand it to him though .

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66, a mouth *can* be an asshole especially when anything that comes out of it is shit. figuratively speaking, of course. :) :)

What an should stop so he can clean while you're mad!

My girlfriend likes to get it on when she's angry... Yea, my life is awesome...

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Take a shit on his pile of clothes and say " all done honey!"

When did the word awesome get substituted for imaginary?

I didn't know that you knew the details of my personal life!!! We should have a get together and play monopoly!

Change that to scrabble and we have a date.

Can I join your scrabble game? I promise not to use naughty words.

^ Don't promise such things! That's the best part!

Scrabble is amateur hour, connect four is where it's at.

Come on guys, go fish is where its at....

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gurly98 13
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Yes it 'sux' as you put it, but the way you wrote that literally makes me want to throw a dictionary at you and scream "READ THIS!!"

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I had to re-read this comment because for some reason I read it with "like totally" added in there, you should have just went full on valley girl, at least then it would've shown commitment.

I hope you're joking but I somehow get the impression you're just a stupid little girl

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Okay all I'm saying that it sucks for her an di feel bad for her. No need to get your lips in a twist sheesh

Our lips in a twist? Am I the only one who has never heard of this expression?

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It means no need to ramble on and on about all this as I've already explained what I was trying to say before

I've never heard it either I assume its something Selena Gomez said

Oh dear god...lips in a twist? I think it's 'panties in a bunch/knot' or 'nickers in a twist'

"Oh em gee 1 c@nt beleaf u wood d0 th@4" that's how she talks in my head.

Thanks for that #104, I honestly don't think I could have figured that out on my own. #106 either that or Justin Bieber...

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young lady leave the issue alone you are only appearing immature and bratty just move along laugh at the jokes at your expense and DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS!

Oh god the 9 year old can't even count now, there is no 113 posting on your comment.

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Smart... Until he told her, what a moron

I know I wouldn't confess if I were him...

I do the same exact thing when I get mad and I'm at my boyfriends place. But he forces me to stop instead of letting me clean. Instead, he makes me watch a movie. I'm lucky :) I got a nice one.

This is, nearly word for word, the summary of a Corner Gas episode I saw a couple years back...

Hes not an asshole but a god damn gentleman and scholar I salute you mr using his resources!

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That 'smart man' is a tool, and I hope OP broke up with him. Besides, how smart can he REALLY be if he confessed?

"Grr! Hulk clean!!!" -"GAAAH HULK NEED MORE LEMON PLEDGE!!!!"

The image of hulk in an apron ran through my head. Must be one sturdy kitchen!

I am just surprised they have aprons that are hulk's size.

Judging by the countless times that the Hulk has ripped his shirt I am beginning to think that there is are no shirt sizes he can fit into...

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He never rips his pants, cause he has a small package.

DrMime, are you on 24/7? I always see you on top.

Um that's what she said on my last comment lol. Meant your comments seem to always be close to the top haha

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#234 - I'm pretty sure we all new what you meant by top. No need for double post.

#237 I can double post if I want to double post. I just thought it was a funny that's what she said moment. Stop being a bitch

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Tell him your taking anger management so his evil doings will fail. "I eat instead of clean now. Want me fat? Piss me off!"

Well he sounds lovely. Keep cleaning the flat though, just without him living in it.

Well start making mess when you are angry... That will teach that dumb a nice lesson :)

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That's actually a good idea...

Unless he doesn't clean it up, then she gets angry and cleans it..