By chazzywazzy654 - 27/05/2016 13:20 - United Kingdom - Northolt

Today, I woke up with intense pain and bruising. It turned out I'd suffered such a rare kind of wrist bone dislocation that the doctors aren't sure how to fix it. FML
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Can't believe this got posted! The consultant dr(who's above the dr who said it was dislocated) reckons that it might not be dislocated, that my wrist is just deformed. Had a massive bruise, I still have it, got a follow up appointment next week, I'll find out more then hopefully

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It's rather simple if you are loose jointed. My leg popped out of socket while I was sleeping and I dragged it under me when I turned. Woke up screaming in pain and was sore for days.

Perhaps the OP works hard than you'd expect for their nocturnal emissions.

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Yeah... #1 is right. Definitely go see another doctor. It really wouldn't hurt to see a few more doctors

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That's easy, just cut it off

it happened to my aunt they fix it how they do a jaw break it fully and rebuild it and lots of ot

At least they didn't pull A random method out of their ass. I'm glad the doctors played it safe. However, i would recommend a second opinion

Maybe try a specialist. One mentioned specifically for wrists arm and hands.

Ouch, I hope you're able to get it sorted out!

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Oh my God that's awful! I'm sorry! ???