By Lexyy17 - 28/05/2016 02:43 - Canada - Lynn Lake

Today, my best friend got engaged. To get his girlfriend to say yes, he had to agree to dump me as a friend because she doesn't want him being best friends with a girl. FML
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Just putting this out there, but I never met the girl. I live in another province.. the drive takes over 30 hours one way. My friend and I only ever chatted online due to the distance and I've been happily married for the last 3 years, been with my husband for 6 so really she had nothing to worry about.

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Insecure, much? I'm sorry he wasn't a true friend, op !

epicgamer 18

He's not your best friend if he's willing to break up with you over some other girl.


Insecure, much? I'm sorry he wasn't a true friend, op !

What he did was despicable but being in love can make people do incredibly stupid things.

epicgamer 18

He's not your best friend if he's willing to break up with you over some other girl.

It is not just "some other girl" if he is trying to marry her

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#2 - she's obviously not "just some other girl." He's about to marry her.

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50% percent of marriages end in divorce anyways.

Doesn't justify it. She's controlling and she needs to respect his choices instead of restricting him from seeing his best friend. Anyone of my best friends who would stop seeing me for a partner would not be a friend at all.

That's just urban legend, not a true statistic at all

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Actually the divorce rate is 32 to every 1000 people and 40-50% percent of marriages (where either the husband or the wife wants a child and the other doesn't ) ends in divorce. Thanks google

Actually those statistics are deliberately skewed to give people the wrong idea about the divorce rate. For instance. 1st time marriages, with no kids from previous relationships, have a 20%-25% divorce rate. 2nd marriages have a 50% divorce rate, and 3rd a 75% divorce rate.

#24: The number of divorces annually is one-half the number of marriage ceremonies performed during the same time frame i.e., numerically, half of all new marriages end in divorce.

MikaykayUnicorn 36

Sorry guys. I heard that statistic and took it as true. But I mean, **** that chick.

#97 The problem with that method is it does not give an accurate statistic for how many people that got married in any one year have since been divorced. For a factually accurate statistic a different method needs to be used. In year X, Y people got married, and of the people that got married in year X, Z have gotten divorced. Z/Y= the actual divorce rate for that year. If people REALLY wanted to be accurate with the statistics (which of course they don’t) they’d subcategorize by if it’s a 1st, 2nd, 3rd marriage etc. Instead “they” just give a basic method with a one size fits all inaccurate rate so people get the wrong idea.

It's better for you since no true friend would do that. Hope things get better OP! He'll realize his mistake of letting go of a good friend once he needs you later on and you won't be there.

your names wouldn't happen to be Ross and Rachel, would they? but yeah, fyl op. hopefully your friend's wife eventually comes to her senses.

Mathalamus 24

very controlling. and your best friend doesn't have the balls.

WOW! That should have set alarm bells off for him! She sounds reasonable ?

That sucks! But I advise patiently waiting it out - If his fiancé is that insecure there is probably a 50:50 chance that the engagement won't last a year. If it falls apart, and that wasn't attributable to you then you will have your friend back. And you will have a clean conscience about the whole thing.

Yeah, she could wait it out but would you really want a "friend" like this back? If they were so quick to drop OP this time around; who's to say they won't do it again?

To be fair, abusive or controlling partners can have an unbelievable amount of control over the person. Not sure if it's to that, though, and it's up to op on what she does.

Doesn't sound like something a friend would do. I also foresee him having severe issues with his future wife, due to her pathological insecurity and/or abusive tendencies.

If she doesn't trust him with a friend then she won't trust him in life. There again she could be saving herself from having to writing an fml along the lines of, my husband much rather play video games with his friend (Who is a really hot girl) then have sex with me.

I might get a lot of hate for this, but I kinda agree with his fiancée. It's not about just insecurity, sometimes you just don't like something, doesn't mean you're wrong or selfish. One of my very very good friends had stopped talking to me because his girlfriend asked him to, I was really mad at him, but I understood her point when I was in a situation like that. I'm sorry this happened to you, Op, but I'm also sure they had their reasons. It might not make as much sense to you, but it does to them. Hope you're fine.

Oh, but it does mean you're selfish and wrong for asking someone to stop communication with another person because you don't like it and it's even worse when you're requesting this from them simply because the best friend is of the opposite sex. Unless they gave you a reason not to trust them, it all screams insecurity.

if it is not about insecurity (90% definitely is) it is obviously trust issues, if you can't trust someone, you shouldn't be with them, controlling them is pathetic on your part and they are dumb to let it happen!

I'm not saying being insecure is not it, it's a part, but there are other reasons too. For example, my ex had a lot of girl best friends, and I didn't mind, but I had told him that they all had feelings for him and I wanted him to keep a distance from them, he assured me they didn't have any feelings towards him. But as soon as we broke up, all those girls confessed their feelings towards him, and he later told me about it and that I was right. Obviously they didn't want to break us up or anything like that, but sometimes you just don't like your significant other to be close to them. You just don't. And that's okay.

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Something very similar happen to me. My ex had a friend who liked him when we were dating. I told him it was pretty obvious she had a crush on him which he didn't believe. Anyways a few months after we broke up, she tells him she likes him as more than a friend.

I agree with you. I'm sure no boyfriend would be okay with you hanging out alone with your "guy friend" and vise versa. who can actually say they're completely okay with that? Hell let's throw in a sleep over too since that's what most friends do from time to time. not okay.

I'm married, and not only am I 'completely ok' with my husband hanging out alone with girl friends, I encourage him to get close to my friends as he moved across the world to be with me, leaving all his family, friends, work, life behind forever (and if that's not proof that I am number one in his life, I don't know what is). He has no friends here, so if he is able to gain some confidantes, I'd be overjoyed no matter what genitals those friends have. It's called trust.

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#20 you don't have to be insecure to not like ppl.