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Today, I found out why my boyfriend of over a year is so obsessed with cleaning his entire place before I come over. He's been hiding the ex girlfriend that never moved out. FML
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how could you not catch on

If he can't fess up that he's been living with not only another woman but an ex girlfriend for the past year, it's time to move on. There is no valid excuse for him to have lied to you for that whole period of time.


how could you not catch on

i guess he's meticulous

old habits are hard to break

Hey, there's a funny site like FML but where visitors can tell their darkest secrets to everybody! it's

Can somebody say threesome?


she did catch on dumbass

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It was gonna be a surprise THREESOME :D

How could he possibly have hidden this for a year? Either the OP's full of shit, or she's dumb enough to actually deserve something like this happening to her.

Did he hide the ex in a closet too..?

two and a half men much?

Ahhh man I hate it when people try to live off me. I used to have an ex that lived with me for another 6 months. She talked to me about 2 times the whole time. And that was only when I slept with her.

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Living off you? You're fucking 17. lol.

hahahahahaha good catch

She talked to you during sex? What a weirdo.

This is the reason why I go after the homeless mute middle schoolers.

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Good one bro ^ Op - go trash his abode and give his ass something to clean up and I hope you dumped his punk ass. What's so wrong with being honest nowadays?

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Bro= lickmyjock

@#22. My Nubian Queen, when I saw your royal assets......I forgot what the fml was all about!!

Only appropriate move would be to dump him. He's not only still seeing his ex, but living with her.

not necessarily, he could just be giving her a place to stay until she finds a new place? just throwing her out because they broke up would be rude, but he should've at least told op the truth. or, like you said, he could just be a pig

Obviously something was going on, or he wouldn't have gone through all that trouble to hide the ex. Unless he's not always completely honest with the OP, he should have told her he was still living with the ex-girlfriend.

It's not exactly the easiest thing to say to your partner. There's no guarantee that OP would take it lightly even if her bf told her any earlier.

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@kikiface: you're so optimistic...I do wish more girls were like you. @AlcaSMT: exactly what I was going to say

He still would have been honest, even if it was hard, instead of lying to her the entire time.

Even if he isn't still sleeping with his ex (which is pretty unlikely), he still lied by omission to his current girl. That shows he doesn't consider her to be important enough to be honest. My advise? Cut that shit loose.

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They moved in right out of high school and lived in the same place for three years until he moved out... and she followed. She's never been on her own, so I guess I can at least be understanding on HER part. At least.

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oops double post.

That sucks. Morality is a very rare thing nowadays. FYL

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i'm very curious... how did you find out?

Great! So when you/someone you hire trash their place you can wreck both his stuff AND the woman he's living with! easy! That is, assuming they were inappropriate, which I suspect because he went into the trouble of hiding her

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lmaoo I guess he did a good job of hiding her for a year :)

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ugh sounds like my ex. I had no idea why he never wanted me at his place. surprise one of my good friends was always there. yea dump the douche. if he was keeping her there because he didn't want to kick her out, he sould have been honest from the start

DAMN! He cheated on you?! WTF

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Which just might have ruined any chance he had at moving on.... then again he probably should have had a 'break' before moving on IMHO

If he can't fess up that he's been living with not only another woman but an ex girlfriend for the past year, it's time to move on. There is no valid excuse for him to have lied to you for that whole period of time.

Agreed. Even if he was faithful, that's a pretty big lie. How do you trust someone again after that? You'll always be wondering what he's not telling you, you'll be suspicious and it won't be fair to either of you. You have to let him go.

Threesome? Just kidding op. If Cheaters was on the case you would've found out in two weeks, tops.

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omg I love cheaters!! haha