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Ugh, this sounds like my ex... OP,
did he by any chance tell you that, "you're so much more beautiful when you cry"?
You know how if you eat something bad, you regurgitate it? Same principle: PURGE.
And for god's sake, don't look at it and wonder if it's changed!!!

  Gnarlltrugg  |  0

k how bout you think about it this way: this is his only way of feeling special meaning she prolly did a crap job of being nice to him. this most likely isnt the case but still think about it before jumping to the conclusion that he's a self centered, masochistic douchebag.

  satomi_ishida  |  0

Probably pressed it because they think she deserves it for sticking with a douche bag like him. OP, wear heavy boots and kick him hard in the nuts. That will make YOU feel special. (;