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Today, a stranger told me how proud he was that my boyfriend and I were so open with our sexuality. For the past three years, most strangers have thought we are a pair of gay men. I am a woman. FML
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"We're here! Were straight! Get used to it!!! "

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"We're here! Were straight! Get used to it!!! "

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#22 I have a nearly flat chest and I haven't been mistaken for a boy...

At least your boyfriend still likes you, right?

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I actually prefer small ones over big, but i think #43 was just trying to get his comment seen

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55, complaining about it isn't gonna make them thumb you up. It just makes you sound a tiny bit whiny. Just saying.

#61 Sorry. Just been having a tough time lately that seems to be translating into everything I do. Forgive me everyone. :/

#41 because your face is cute and girlyyyy lol

Guys, please forgive me. I know that when I get pissed about people making fun of flat chests all the time, it's annoying. It just feels like a personal attack to me. But I have BDD and am going to therapy for it, so I'm trying to get help. Keep that in mind. I'm not normally like this, it's just that things have been worse than ever lately. I'm trying hard to help myself.

You can hate on me and down-vote me all you want, but I'm honestly just trying to improve and failing at it.

just stop makibg comments and no one will continue to hate...

91 You have 120 FMLs in your log.... Holy hell girl, what's wrong?!?!

Not having a dig at you or anything, but we wouldn't have even known if you hadn't of mentioned it on sevral occasions... And hey, who cares, I'm kinda flat chested, but atleast guys look into my eyes when they speak to me and not my chest!

Oh my god! I leave my innocent little comment up and come back to find this?!?! Shoo! Shooooo!!!!!

Little boobies are okay. Unless mine are bigger

91- Dear god, stop freaking out over people on fml thumbing down your comments and get over it. It's just the internet.

But Mime.. I brought cake.. Can I stay?

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Same here and neither have i!

139 - You failed at being a grammar nazi, good job. Dont is incorrect, it's 'don't' which is a contraction.

So you are saying she should have said "...but do not you think..." yeaaaaaaaaa and by the way I am Jewish so I take offense to this "grammar nazi" comment.

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Grammar Nazis don't kill Jews... we just correct your grammar.

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Teehee Mr. Mime you are awesome

I'm sure boob size has something to do with it, but it would take a lot more than just that to look like a male. So, I guess op is a trap. Btw, apologies to mime. I'd bring cake, but it was a lie.

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So is getting butt hurt over stupid downvotes. Juss saying.

I need a mop over here, cus all y'alls is trippin!

And it doesn't matter if they don't kill Jews its just would be like saying "being gay is the new cancer" that would offend the hell out of some people have gone through cancer. And I feel like you actually posted grammer but it didn't look right so you rushed to google to see how you actually spell it. You then rushed back to FML and fixed it. And I don't correct people on FML to "get girls" I do it because I hate when people make easy mistakes. And you really shouldn't tell people how they should get girls unless you know from a first hand experience. F.Y.L

Well if you don't like people making easy mistakes why don't you know dont isn't a word? Yes when you change the contraction to do not we usually need to restructure the sentence a little to make it sound right ex: you think you know grammar, don't you? Would become you think you know grammar, do you not? Truth is you don't know grammar if you don't know dont isn't a word and you don't know how to properly change the contraction don't into do not.

197=bored single parent sitting at home in pajamas making an attempt to correct FML's made two days ago.

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197 - Shut up and nut up. Daddys little girl.

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That's right sweetie, tell yourself whatever you need to self-soothe.

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there is nothing wrong with flat chests. I prefer small breasts over big ones.

Don't worry OP, androgyny is hot. If it bothers you terribly, you could wear a more traditionally "feminine" hairstyle or outfit, maybe. Alternately, you could just respond "Thanks, she and I have been together for X months," and just walk away. People shouldn't assume gender identity from appearance, and anyone who goes out of their way to compliment a couple on being gay has their own problems anyway. Don't sweat it. You are a beautiful person, and I hope you and your boyfriend have a happy life together.

25, How is it any different to complimenting someone for anything else? Do you also think saying "Thats a really nice dress" is also a problem? And what does gender identity have to do with anything? Its an observational mistake, one with minimal consequence. You don't know anything about the individual but assume they're a beautiful person, but you take issue with others assuming gender based on appearance while giving a compliment? Nice.

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#110 ^Booooo! Now how are we supposed to troll #107

110 is lying. It actually means Old Pussy

It seems like at least once a week there is an op comment and everyone makes their bad puns. Orangutang pimp, orbital penis, ovary pizza, I've seen quite quite a few.

I find it kinda funny when people make the " ^ " arrow.. Most of the time it's pointing to the poster's name..

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I hate when you can't tell if someone is a guy or a girl. he should grow out his mustache ;)

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^ buzzkill, they had something going.

I noticed that... Had to thumb my own comment down.

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79 - maybe her boyfriend does have a mustache. But maybe she just likes to compete with him.

Hmm make your bf the women in the relationship... It's easier that way

It's silly that people still call the relationship roles "man and woman." I have dated girls before, and when people see us together, they ask who the man is. It's irritating, we're both obviously female. And we're equal.

Accidentally thumbed 66 down... Totally agree

Usually people say there is a "male female role" in gay relationships because one partner tends to act more masculine than the other. I'm daying this from talking to quite a few gay couples. Maybe not in your case, but in most others.

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#146 - No. If anything, homosexuals do not like being forced into the heterosexual society box (or HSB - that's what I call it) where people believe one is the man and the other is a woman. That just defeats the purpose of a homosexual relationship. Unless they, the homosexual couple, declare themselves as either the man or woman, then do not try to fit them into the HSB. It's disrespectful, IMO.

I'm only stating what I need to get touchy about it....-_-

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Perhaps try to appear a little more feminine or have him appear a little more masculine? But seriously, as long as you two are happy together, who cares what other people think?

OP is wearing her ovaries on the outside, like a boss!

If you wear your ovaries on the outside, I think they are called testicles...

Really?!?! I didn't know I was making a joke?!?!?! OH EM GEEEEE!!!!!!!

Didn't you know it was my job to ruin jokes that I didn't realize were jokes?

Everyday is no pants tuesday when surfing teh interwebz!

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Do you dress like a tomboy or something?

xXxIracebethxXx 14

What's wrong with dressing like a tomboy? Better than dressing like some girly **** with a cake face.

Sorry I must have not seen that extra 'she' excuse my mistake.

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Cake face? Also, I'm pretty sure you don't have to dress like a **** to look feminine.

xXxIracebethxXx 14

I didn't say you had to dress like a ****, I said "BETTER THAN dressing LIKE a girly ****..." Isn't that what most girls dress like anyway?Where I live, I see them everywhere. It's sad and disgusting.

This person just wanted to know how someone can mistake a woman for a man. Nothing to do with something. Being wrong with looking like a tomboy

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You do realize the distinct possibility that if everyone thinks your a guy your boyfriend might be gay.

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If bf has no interest in sex with her or only likes to go anal or at least doggy, and/or comments about how hot a guy is- then she should worry. Otherwise, guys can be feminine too. I've known done straight as arrow guys who were more girly then me- and I'm a femme lesbian so...

#54 - I don't think you can use a guy only wanting to go anal as an indication of his sexuality. All the anal in heterosexual **** makes all the unimaginative "straight" guys think that's the only type of sex the "cool" boy sand girls are having.

Um fap fap fap? Someone watches a little too much **** and actually takes notes O_o

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That sucks! But as long as you both are happy don't let other people bother you :)