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Today, my boyfriend came before I'd even unbuttoned my pants. FML
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you better not tell his friends or he'll say you're a ****, plus it was you're fault you were rubbing his butt, he's just very sensitive some would say it's a plus.


lindseyluvszac 4

That's a good thing... (why is this an fml?)

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u need some... satisfaction!

eminemchick 19

wow that must be like pre-premature.

50, I think that is a question to ask your mother, sex ed teacher or even write into some teen mag.

50. before you ask that question. google "kinky ****". also on the bright side OP must be quite attractive. although I believe the boyfreind owes her some satisfaction for his accidental prematurity

Major lulz to 126, but I've done that already.

not true my buddy did that all the time in high school the girls told me, mutual friends. I can assure you those girls were not attractive.

this is a new concept to me, sucks for your freind. especially since they were not attractive. although the obvious solution to OPs problem is to buy pants without a button. also bunny, yes i did read your premature detonation comment I had no intention of stealing your desired copyright

furry* my apologies. the bunny ears made me state the wrong name

Wow, you guys are pretty retarded. I wasn't literally asking why people cum. It was a remark to the fool who wrote "wth".

Wow, you guys are pretty retarded. I wasn't literally asking why people cum. It was a remark to the fool who wrote "wth".

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ohhhhh thats what it was. *thumbs down*

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50 you are really dumb fo real!'

eminemchick 19

wow he must be pre-premature or something

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maby she took off her shirt and gave him head

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I came in my pants just reading this FML. wait it's a chick?! god dammit.

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Another Lonely Island reference available here. . .

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you better not tell his friends or he'll say you're a ****, plus it was you're fault you were rubbing his butt, he's just very sensitive some would say it's a plus.

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So you could say that it was a premature detonation. :3

well, looks like he arrived just in time for some fun!

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Did you happen open a window and let a breeze roll in? Or were you feeding him any grapes? I am to believe these are logical explanations for creaming oneself.

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I wasted my 420 on her?? i need a hot tub time machine

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Bruce Willis musta died at the end of six sense

You call it premature, he just calls it extacy.

It's mainly you're fault, you were rubbing his butt

You butchered the word so badly, I had to think for a moment on how to spell ecstasy.

fthislyfe 22

COME ON #51 was clearly being sarcastic and it was a very funny comment

Is his name Victor? if yes he must be the 2 stroke model. lol

PawsUp_fml 2

congratulations! quickest sex ever!

cc_the_beast 6

I don't believe that is classified as sex....

I would like 61's comment, but there are already 69 thumbs ups.

larry12693 1

looks like they needa clean up on aisle 3

Did you guys lock eyes from across the room did he down his drink as the rhythm boomed did you take his hand and skip the names did you have no need for the silly games?

I thought it said 'before I even unbuttoned my penis' I was really confused:Lxxx

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He got a little too excited.

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Saw a hot girl, and I JIZZED, in my pants!

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at first i read this as he went to her house before she put her pants on but then i read it again...

DontModMeDammit 10

Was he eating grapes by any chance?

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what's with all of the grapes comments? how would grapes make a difference?

eminemchick 19

199 obviously hasnt checked out the mess on aisle 3-_-

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199 **** in my pants- the lonely island look it up

Did she ask you fir cask or credit?

it's a reference to the **** in my pants video

bpell15 5

bad. all bad. nothing to say about this. he doesn't have much control

if you have nothing to say then why did you say that...? lmao

Hopefully he's just premature and not immature.

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#24; I know the pic is a disturbed album cover, but I can never remember what the name of the album is. Can you help a brother out?

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well you're just that hot.... he'll last alot longer the second time

stuner56 22

well if she didn't even unbutton her pants yet, anything is an improvement

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Maybe next time he'll get to your clothes bring fully off. :D Haha, will always improve! ^^'

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shame on you for not wearing a skirt!

Was your mouth involved? If so - good on you. If not - bad on him!

Bad on him regardless. The point of foreplay (touching + oral, I would constitute both as foreplay) isn't to finish. It's just to get the other all excited ;)

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Saved you the trouble, sweetie.

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That sucks if you think pleasing your man is trouble.

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you forgot to put your pants on, and photograph your head.

Exactly 74 if it's a chore to please your gf/bf maybe there is an issue

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92- Get on a computer, it's there. Sarcasm's a bitch and, fortunately, there are 24 other sarcastic ***** on here.

155- I think you'll find 92 had every right to mock your picture because it's vain and, quite frankly, goddamn hilarious. Wear some trousers.

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Ohh, awesome, your opinion is not only warranted, but I've been completely lost, wondering, is my picture vain or will someone find it "hilarious"? Now I know and not only that, but I will sleep better at night, also. Oh, hey, it's a website. Online. I just remembered douchenozzles on here don't mean shit. :)

^ WIN I cut off my nipples in my picture. Bite meh

unluckiest, ur ugly..... mission accomplished.

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hahahah! theyre jealous cuz they cant take a pic of themselves without looking like a sad

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Said the guy (225), who looks like he's about to cum all over his keyboard.

301 geez you don't have to be a snappy pants. I think everyone should put what the want as there profile pic.