By Username / Monday 27 June 2011 08:56 / United States
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  dolphincheddar  |  10

50. before you ask that question. google "kinky porn".

also on the bright side OP must be quite attractive. although I believe the boyfreind owes her some satisfaction for his accidental prematurity

  dolphincheddar  |  10

this is a new concept to me, sucks for your freind. especially since they were not attractive. although the obvious solution to OPs problem is to buy pants without a button. also bunny, yes i did read your premature detonation comment I had no
intention of stealing your desired copyright

  juicedboi  |  7

Did you happen open a window and let a breeze roll in? Or were you feeding him any grapes? I am to believe these are logical explanations for creaming oneself.

  TheTweaker  |  0

Did you guys lock eyes from across the room did he down his drink as the rhythm boomed did you take his hand and skip the names did you have no need for the silly games?

  Perdition  |  4

Bad on him regardless. The point of foreplay (touching + oral, I would constitute both as foreplay) isn't to finish. It's just to get the other all excited ;)

  mismonroe  |  0

Ohh, awesome, your opinion is not only warranted, but I've been completely lost, wondering, is my picture vain or will someone find it "hilarious"? Now I know and not only that, but I will sleep better at night, also.
Oh, hey, it's a website. Online. I just remembered douchenozzles on here don't mean shit. :)