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By  ScruffyFML  |  10

Guess he would of had what I'd call an wet dream ;)
Don't worry about it tho, you can try again tomorrow. :P

By  zoPwNAgEzo  |  21

Rouse him, or rape him? Damn women, go easy

  0ops_i_died  |  8

It doesn't sound like she was trying to be sneaky or malicious about it, I know my husband enjoys a little morning surprise every now and again. I see it as a harmless tactic to spice things up in the bedroom

  onlychildFTW  |  33

A 1975 corvette? Why not go for a better year? The 70s weren't friendly to north American car designs.

I wish I owned those. I only own a SL500. *sigh* how much I want a 2009 SLR McLaren 722s.