By fractured_ - 05/08/2014 05:17

Today, on a flight, I needed to use the restroom. The passenger next to me was in a deep sleep, and was very large, so I couldn't get out by climbing over him. The urge got severe, so I resorted to tapping him on the shoulder. Turns out he had some nice reflexes and hit me in the face. FML
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fractured_ tells us more.

After being hit, he said, "oh, oops, do you need to get out?" I was let out, and after waiting in a line of about 6 people, I made it to the restroom.

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DeltaDragonxx 20

Well you know what they say about sleeping bears...

You always have to fight Snorlax when you wake him OP


DeltaDragonxx 20

Well you know what they say about sleeping bears...

RpiesSPIES 27

They don't let bears on planes, silly.

Unless you shave them and groom their hair. True story

DeltaDragonxx 20

@46 You must not have ifunny!

missyfiona89 28

I hope he at least apologized.

Nope, he just said "oh, oops." and asked me if I needed to get out.

Re-read the FML, that might give you a clue...

hippo1234 19

OP was about to piss their pants. I don't know about you, but I would disturb a person to avoid having to travel in wet pants.

I agree. this is a very good reason to disturb someone in their sleep.

meli1195 31

Damn rude people who make fun of others for their weight....

How about we let you sit on a plane next to a rather large man in hibernation mode and then when you're at the point of wetting yourself see what you would do.

Did it affect your urge in some way OP? Just curious

Got a hold of yourself OP .. just a little more

I hope you peed on him. :P I would've just hit the call light for the attendant to move him.

I dont think the attendants bring wheelbarrows onto the plane.

You always have to fight Snorlax when you wake him OP

Snorlax can't use Fly without paying for two seats.

Wow @11, I thought this was a ******* Halo reference. Thanks for opening my god damn eyes

I guess he is a deep sleeper and that's his common reaction. Sorry to hear that OP, I hope you're okay.

Reflex? More like highly annoyed. I don't see any one hitting in the face via reflex to shoulder taking.

Actually, I had a friend like that. We had to wake him by touching his foot. He still swung but missed.

DeltaDragonxx 20

yes, because if you wake up to a stranger touching you your just gonna sit there. (and maybe watch them burn)

crazytwinsmom 25

Vets who served overseas are prone to wake that way out of reflex and necessity. I've known a couple that did after being in Vietnam.

Oh wow!, guess I was ignorant. tapping*

DeltaDragonxx 20
scottyspot 11

I hope he apologized and offered to trade seats so you weren't trapped.

I would have hit them hard enough to wake them up, then act like you were sleeping.