By vsshopper - 22/02/2012 19:21 - United States

Today, I woke up next to my boyfriend of two years. I realized I was going to be late for work, so I asked him to hand me my underwear. I had never seen the underwear he gave me before. FML
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I hope he didn't try to say they were his sister's.

Maybe he's really thoughtful and bought you a new one? But thats incredibly unlikely...


I hope he didn't try to say they were his sister's.

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Surprise! He bought you new underwear!

Maybe they actually were. Perhaps they belong to his sister Brittany.

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I read FML's like these and I get jealous because I can't keep a mental record of my underwear. Am I the only one?!

It's a girl thing. We (besides the ugly chicks that wear moldy 12 year old granny panties even though they are like 20) have very colorful underwear and its very obvious when something isn't ours.

#45..Well you are kind of a biotch... Just saying

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So what you are saying silver gaze is that all op's bf had to do was hand her colorful underwear and all would have been good?

She said it kind of rudely but 45 is right. Most women wear different colored and designed underwear and would know if a pair wasn't theirs. Something about each of them being unique makes it easy to spot a pair that isn't yours.

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96- but if their all unique then doesn't that mean none of them are!?!

1- I bet OP would prefer to hear "it is my sister's" than "it is your's sister's"

I guess California girls are forgettable. Sorry Katy perry. :(

In fairness they could be. Maybe whoever did laundry got confused. These things do happen. It's not the most likeky option but I think OP should hear him out. It is also possible that an Exs underwear had been stuck somewhere for a long time and only appeared now, might have been dislodged by your activity? I'm just saying giving him a shot at explaining himself and definitely checking out his story is important.

Maybe he's really thoughtful and bought you a new one? But thats incredibly unlikely...

Perhaps they had a crazy night together along with their neighbor, Jolene. She just can't remember because it had almost literally blew her mind, making it hard to retain memories

That awkward moment when your girlfriend finds out that you wear women's underwear...

#74 he had more than just his mind blown.

Simultaneous trigasm, sounds like a valid term.

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Yes they also possibly had skid marks from the manikin at the store... Sorry OP

time to move on to someone who deserves you. Hint; he doesn't.

They could be from a previous girlfriend too but that seems a bit of a stretch. Depends how often he cleans the room and how thorough he is I suppose.

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I see what you getting at. It's okay everyone, I have explored the mind of idiots before and I will explain to you this person's thought process underwear she didn't remember--> must be his--> he wears panties--> he's gay. Hate to break it to ya, but a lot of straight guys wear girls underwear, just like some straight guys cross-dress. It's does mean they're gay, you're only gay (or bi) if you are attracted to the same sex. THE MORE YOU KNOW *a star floats across the screen*

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It was a suggestion i never said i didnt understand the concept. I have heard of stories where this has happened. Im not stupid. Oh and 2 take a joke people

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Pickles, I prefer "now you know and knowing is half the battle. GO JOE"

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86- ... when was there a 1 ... ? o.o >.>

You could've smelled them for sweaty ball sac or tunafish. Hello!!!

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I'm not sure what would be worse, if they were another woman's or if he just secretly likes wearing women's underwear. I'm gonna go with him secretly liking wearing women's underwear.

I'd rather find out my boyfriend of 2 years had a slightly odd fetish than find out he cheated on me. Might just be me though...

Same, Murphy, being a bit kinky is nowhere on the same level as cheating.

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