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  DocBastard  |  38

What in the name of Johnny Weir are you talking about? Please try not smoking crushed dung beetles just prior to commenting. It will probably make your comment make more sense.

  dtbomb  |  3

24 I was implying that I was OP's grandpa and that instead of having a 2 inch penis as he suggested in his username I am really 15 inches long and that I am the best grandpa ever. That is all in the name of Johnny weir I was talking about.

  isac1234  |  0

HE IS A DOUCHE LOL HIS ABOUT ME SAYS " message me you know you want to" hunnie people these days don't like conceited peopl :) advice for you: Go to the gym MORE do more sit ups & push ups & weights

  Badshah29  |  6

dear, before you critisize others, ceck out urself first. Shananay pic? Shows your even uglier than shane dressed like a hobo. you talking bout my conciet? well you dont even have the confidence to show your ugly face in public