By Nice 2 inch - 27/06/2011 12:16 - Canada

Today, my grandpa told us he wanted to fit in. His idea of fitting in is streaking in a park at 4:00 pm. FML
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eckksDeeitsTravi 0

Hipster grandpa is too hip for pants.


eckksDeeitsTravi 0

Hipster grandpa is too hip for pants.

I will never get that image out of my head

MissBunnyWillEat 11

You're just mad because he was so sexy unbuttoning his pants that you jizzed all over yourself.

23 is he a boss like a boss? Obvious troll is obvious. (If it wasn't obvious I'm the obvious troll that's obvious.)

OP, I think we have the same grandpa, mine went streaking through a golf course at 11 pm one night

What's wrong with this... Isn't this what we all do at night.. right..right..?

enonymous 8

I originally thought his penis was a gummy worm.

eckksDeeitsTravi 0

the yellow and green gummy worm?

enonymous 8

It was green and yellow before he met me...

bidsababe 1

I laughed so hard at this I almost peed my self! lmao

EmilyShmemily496 0

all I can picture is a naked Dumbledore, running through a field of daisies waving his wand and screaming, "it's f*ckin' magic, b*tches!"

eminemchick 19

69 what have you been taking? i want some:D

69 Don't hide it, you've been hitting that butterbeer. Shhhhhh don't tell Hagrid

wwattdidyousay 0

Omg wow. I wonder if there were children around.

dtbomb 3

I hope you mean nice 15 inch sonny.

What in the name of Johnny Weir are you talking about? Please try not smoking crushed dung beetles just prior to commenting. It will probably make your comment make more sense.

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dtbomb 3

24 I was implying that I was OP's grandpa and that instead of having a 2 inch penis as he suggested in his username I am really 15 inches long and that I am the best grandpa ever. That is all in the name of Johnny weir I was talking about.

I like your grandpa, he reminds me of this guy, not sure which guy, but a guy that I also like. but yes your grandpa is funny

why roll your eyes? the man with the thingy thing is fantabulous. have you met mrs whatchamacallit?

nativepimp 1

lol just got to say your picture is awesome

best grandpa ever? I think so! he fits in, in my world :)

you sir are as loose as the noose they used to hang at Albert

missIrene 6

your grandpa is a loose cannon lol.

btnhdude 0

lol wayne's vag gets wrecked daily by birdman.

ipwnallmen 10

Well, how do you like those nuts? xD did you tape it? that could be some good blackmail x3 jk jk but yeah this is a wtf_LOL-whut all over it

You can't blackmail old people. Ergo, you are wrong and should be penalized! Hehehe... Penal.

HE IS A DOUCHE LOL HIS ABOUT ME SAYS " message me you know you want to" hunnie people these days don't like conceited peopl :) advice for you: Go to the gym MORE do more sit ups & push ups & weights

Badshah29 6

dear, before you critisize others, ceck out urself first. Shananay pic? Shows your even uglier than shane dressed like a hobo. you talking bout my conciet? well you dont even have the confidence to show your ugly face in public

katieklein 0

thats not a sight i wanna see!

plenty of people do that, no surprise here.

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