By thisisavirus.exe - United States - Sherwood
Today, I met my girlfriend's father for the first time. The first thing he did was show me a bullet, then he basically said that if I don't submit to his daughter's every whim, that bullet will end my life. FML
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  Ambient25  |  24

I mentioned this before but the girl I took to prom had a dad like that. As soon I showed up he took me around the house, brought me over to a wall full of boxing plaques and medals he'd won, and told me "It's been a while since I knocked anyone out...but I might just have to again at some point" as he stared at me...

Not to mention though all guys kind of dread the day a young man comes calling for their daughter.

  \  |  28

#72 - I've noticed all your posts concerning meeting a girl's dad end with the same statement: "Not to mention all guys kind of dread the day a young man comes calling for their daughter." Nice of you to provide us with the TL;DR. :)

  mullet3388  |  16

you are what is wrong with this country. always looking to sue to make that fast buck with no work. its led to the kind of society were a woman spills coffee and gets paid

  grunt_fml  |  17

The american way of suing everyone for everything is wrong, I agree. But so is making death threats towards a young lad whose only crime is to date his daughter, don`t you think?

I understand that a dad wants to protect his daughter, mayby ESPECIALLY because he remembers how he used to treat his girlfriends. But showing her boyfriend a bullet and tell him, you will drive it into his body one day? This is not funny anymore, this is plain and simple terrifying.

If this was my girlfriend I am pretty sure the relationship would have ended here, since I simply could not have stopped myself and tell her dad in detail what an asshole he is.

  fksfsdhfsdfh  |  26

A decent percentage of posts on here are fake.

  Raidriar  |  14

Amen? The act of threatening someone is, legally, considered assault. If he were to actually shoot OP (heavily unlikely), that is a felony. Tell me, what good are you to your daughter if you are incarcerated for a crime?

  Dthsapprntc  |  23

Bullet proof vest were the reason head shots were invented.

Not really, but you get my drift.....

OP should probably find out if those are armor piercing round the gf's father has?

  EmpireCityRay  |  13

I'm more inclined to believe this than the prior reply, one step further would be cultures where the wife/mom has equal say, some take a dominant role in the household.