By anonymous - 29/12/2009 01:21 - United States

Today, my boyfriend called me 80 times in 5 minutes. I had previously told him I was with my friends. He left me a voicemail proposing saying he loved me to death and he was crying. We've been dating for a week. FML
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Reyo 2

80 times in 5 minutes? Oh wow. I wouldn't be mad, I'd be amazed. That kid has to have some godlike stamina to pull such a thing off.

I doubt it was 80 times in 5 mins. That would mean that he'd have to dial the number, let it ring, hang up, and repeat the cycle every 3-4 seconds.

Saccharide 0

If you really think about it, why would the OP mention being with her friends if it wasn't relevant? Since the OP doesn't clarify, the most logical assumption (assuming the OP is true) is that she was with her friends, and the guy kept calling her on her cell. She probably had all her calls redirected immediately to voicemail (if I was her, I would). Odds are he redialed and redialed and redialed every time he got the machine. But I could be wrong.

Veritas143 0

This is the other side to the "the girl i've been secretly in love with for years" fmls..

Run, baby - run now. Changing your name might be a good idea.

Uuuum well do you love me back? Ill call to ask again.

Conkers 0

Indeed, I am pretty sure it's impossible to call 80 times in 5 minutes, that's an average of one call every 3.75 seconds, and if there were voicemail messages too like you said, it just makes it even less likely, especially if he's a stalker, meaning the voicemail messages would probably be pretty long.

dating for a week does not make him you boyfriend

pipp360 0

**** ur boyfriend number 8 **** **** pussy ass dick **** shit

he's trying to scare you away. he's not interested in you and wants to get out the easy way.

sillisheep 4

he could always have the number favorited or on speed dial. doesnt sound too farfetched with his obvious obsession

NikkiRainbow63 31

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dudeitsdanny 9

He's more a stalker than a boyfriend.

Haha...seriously. This is pretty much the definition of an FML!!

I'd say this is one of the few true FML's on here. OP: Run Forrest RUUUUUUUUNNNN

It's not confusing. Keep reading it till you get it. I believe in you!

lolsan 0

I've had similar happen. Get out of that relationship now. For your own sake.

Gandrea01 6

I've also had a similar situation happen to me. the thing is, it was 2 in the morning and he knew I was asleep. he was hoping I would wake up to it vibrating. by the next morning I had over 90 missed calls. he became more and more obsessive and he became suicidal. he threatened that if I ever left he would kill himself. I left. he is still crazy, calls my friends begging them to talk to me saying he is still in love with me. me leaving was the best decision I have ever made. op: GET OUT!!

maryjeaninex3 0

get out while it's still early.

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Pretty sure after the second date it's fine to call them boyfriend/girlfriend.

cradle6 13

Noooooo. After you decide to be in a committed a relationship

Pretty sure this guy was joking, playing on the fact that the boyfriend is taking the relationship way to fast and joking that the OP is also. It was a joke... I'm pretty sure.

Thats more than once a second. Id say creep!! Dump him and change your number.

#9 Your math skills are astounding. 300 seconds, 80 times = once every second. ******* brilliant.

Nikki_Wonder 0

You guys are assholes. Its irrelivant as to how many times he called... he called alot and in such a short amount of time. Dump him Op, Find someone who isnt insane.

lexi_cacao 0

agree with #7... what are you, 12?

The whole situation would be funnier if they were twelve

He loves you for the world, what more could you ask for?

Sun_Kissed18 25

Actually he loves her "to death" Which could be the outcome of this creepy, stalker-like relationship. Run, run quickly and run now.