By Anonymous - 06/01/2011 17:38 - United States

Today, for the first time ever, my boyfriend of one year told me he loved me. He was calling me by collect call from the county jail. FML
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perdix 29

He's probably feeling guilty since he involuntarily cheated on you while he was in the pokey.


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Looks like he was - *Puts on shades* Calling out of jail to his ex-girlfriend! Haha! Oh wait, shit.

LOLOLOLOLOOL Sirin, but no, you're obviously confused again. That was pwincessa's method of getting her fascinating, profound, intriguing comment near the top of the list. It's something I like to call "attention whoring".

oshit lulz i tawt she ment numba wun wit her furst post but den u cleerd it up fir me an i luked liek a real stoopid nub an then HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA u a funneh man doc u uber funneh u ultra funneh

you must be new here, Sirin is a mod.

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Sirin, You need to get the thumbs up put on moderator comments.

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38, you must be new here. It's called sarcasm.

yo siran are you ****** stupid I'd like to see you tell me that is the ******" face you SON of a bit*h!!!!

agreed, run and never look back...or maybe you could go pick him up with her ;)

ha wow your retarded for still being with him!

Jessi, it's been said a few dozen times already, but it bears repeating once again: when you call someone retarded while using incorrect grammar, you end up looking foolish.

I spell like that, don't know no better

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At least he told you!? Lol! That sucks... I think... :-)

perdix 29

He's probably feeling guilty since he involuntarily cheated on you while he was in the pokey.

nybsucubos 5

Well that shouldn't matter should it

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Doesn't it tell you it's a collect call and you have to press a number to accept it before you speak to the person? Fake!

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Okay so my comment gets "moderated" that didnt have a single curse word in it or anything mean to OP? Meanwhile other people are calling OPs hoes and B****es! Get it together FML

Swear as you like, but please, read the rules and get your shit together before crying foul. I would not want to make a habit out of feeling sorry for you.

Read teh internetz rules. You will probably find them enlightening (even if it's only because you've never seen the word "intuitive" before). Edit: I swear Sirin just rearranged the comments. There's no way it took over four minutes to type this.

I bet you misunderstood him. If he hasn't told you yet, he would never waste this romantic gesture by calling you from jail. He was probably talking to his cellmate.

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Looks like he was - *Puts shades on* Trying to get out of jail by calling his girlfriend and saying "I love you" for the first time! Oh wait, shit.