By Anonymous - / Monday 19 December 2011 00:10 / Canada
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  yourXwillh8me  |  3

vaso vagal syncope...Your blood vessels dilate and your heart rate drops to the point you have a temporary shortage of blood to the brain. It happens during high emotion times.


14 - for the past couple fmls, all of your comment have been thumbed down. And thats like 15 comments. You should give up now before ......................... Brain fart I can't think of anything witty. Someone help me out here.


89 Why do people like you hate being corrected so much? If it bothers you THAT much, take the extra 2 seconds to write the words properly. It'll save us the energy and you the embarrassment.

  rubberduckie94  |  13

Why do minor mispellings irritate you so much you feel the need to correct them. I understand when somebody has made a complete diasaster area of their post, but I would hate to think I was reading FML and had the compulsion to correct everything I saw that was wrong. I ask this in seriously, how do you get enjoyment out of this sight when you are constantly having to correct people for minor issues? Dont thumb me down. I really want to know.


Well we wouldn't correct you people as much if you didn't get so defensive about it. You said it yourself, it's a minor mistake so why does us correcting it piss you off so much? We don't get enjoyment out of correcting people. We do it so your posts are more educated in the future. You anti-grammar nazis always get mad at the people who correct you, when you could just take the extra half second to make sure it looks right and be done with it. The same way it annoys you being corrected, it annoys me seeing something be done the wrong way, and especially when the person defends it.

  BlanketHogger  |  0

Haha just what I was thinking kid"hey mum how did you get proposed to?" mum"well your father took me to a nice restaurant, got down on one knee, and pulled out the ring. I was so exited I fainted. At first he took it as a no but then I explained what had happened."

  xcarxcrashx  |  9

Seriously!! I just imagine him asking and her hitting the floor and him being like oh well, guess that's a no g2g. If that's the way it played out would you really want to marry him?

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