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Today, my long-distance boyfriend broke up with me. Tomorrow he should be getting the super long love letter that I poured my heart into and sent him a week ago. FML
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That's awful, and very unfortunate. I can't help but wonder if anything at all would've changed if it had been sent by email...


That's awful, and very unfortunate. I can't help but wonder if anything at all would've changed if it had been sent by email...

My guess is OP didn't have Internet connection. That's why long distance relationships almost never work out. Things like black-outs can keep you from talking to your partner for months.

It's a love letter. I mean, aren't love letters supposed to be romantic? So, of course she sent a letter, it's a lot nicer than receiving an email.

Call me new-fashioned, but I think it's the words and feelings that count, so I would have no problem telling my partner how I feel for her by email, if it was in a long distance relationship. And yes hand-written is romantic, I agree, but if I had the option, talking with my loved-one in quasi-realtime would be a lot more enjoyable for me, given that we would be far apart.

27 - If OP doesn't have internet how are they on FML?

#27: Blackouts usually only last a few hours, or maybe a couple days in extreme situations..

33 - your comments ALWAYS make me laugh :)

written thoughts of love feelings lost by distant beau return to sender

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Who sends a long love letter by e-mail? You? How very unromantic.

50- her now ex may not have internet although she has it.

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I can't help but to laugh. Blaming the fail of a relationship on a "black-out" is just hilarious. Cause it probably has nothing to do with the fact that it is, in fact, a long distance relationship, and people do break up when you can't see your loved ones at all. Or people find out that your "cyber-love" isn't really as awesome as they seemed and they will break up. Just blaming it on a "black-out" or bad internet connection is too funny to me.

Long Distance Relationships can be hard and straining at times, not seeing your loved one can make you "lose" your love with them. I hope that letter changes his mind :)

But how do you know that was the reason he broke up with her?

I feel for you OP. I did the same thing but through email. I cringe every single time I think about it. Sorry.

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I'm sorry, OP. If it was meant to be, it will happen. Maybe the letter is just what he needs. Keep your head up. Long distance relationships are so hard!

Hey, it might turn things around ;). Don't worry I was in an LDR for 3 years, I know how difficult it is. Hang in there

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I don't mean to be a Debbie Downer... But this is an unoriginal FML

Why don't you try to submit an FML and see if it's "original" enough to get posted

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I mean in the sense a very similar one has been posted before. No need for the snark :P

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#7 Soooooo many of them are.....I'm guessing to really get 'original' one would need to start using their imagination. Only so much happens in that thing called reality. Try moderating & see the crap tha

Written love letter triumphs over your texts and emails.

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A handwritten letter takes a lot time and effort than an e-mail. It's far more personal to use a pen and piece of paper than to sit in front of a keyboard and stare at a screen.

What's more romantic?: A letter) "Oh darling, over the past few fortnights I have missed you so, ......" A text) "miss u"

seriously I don't get what I said wrong Ive been there and it hurts.

Be glad it's just a super long love letter instead of a super long sextape of yourself.

13- So enlightening, you must have put a lot of thought into that comment.

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Just like you put a lot of thought into your #9 comment?