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Today, I was talking to the guy that has been in love with me for two years. He said "There is a shortage of perfect breasts in the world. It would be a shame to lose yours." He then creepily looked at me and said "It's true." Thanks, Princess Bride, for supplying creepers with material. FML
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If he's quoting The Princess Bride to you, even creepily, he's a keeper.

Oh noooo! Someone thinks you have perfect breasts! And he's quoting from one of the most oft-quoted movies ever! F YOUR LIFE! Or, you know, congrats.


daydreamstar 7

mace was made for this reason. that and pointy heels

Mace? I recommend a concealed-carry firearm. But that's just me.

The OP should have bitch slapped that creep. Outta my own opinion.

no. . . I am getting more of a bragging feeling to this one. I mean he's not a stranger obviously since she's known him for two years. And really who bitches that someone thinks their boobs are perfect and uses a great pop culture references to say it?

If he's quoting The Princess Bride to you, even creepily, he's a keeper.

That's exactly what I thought. This is a win, not an FML!

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yea he obviously loves u to say that keep him

Yeah... Most of the guys I know have never even heard of The Princess Bride. I only know one who's seen and likes it enough to be able to quote any of it. :(

Oh noooo! Someone thinks you have perfect breasts! And he's quoting from one of the most oft-quoted movies ever! F YOUR LIFE! Or, you know, congrats.

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Where does it say she was hanging out with him? They could have been in school and stopped to chat briefly in the hallway. Quit assuming.

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your bitching about that? At least he isn't stalking you, breaking into your house and stealing your underware. Guys love boobs (so all the ones I know do) be thankful he didn't reach out and give them a little squeeze as well.

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damn, shut the hell up. this isn't school. it's a ******* website

lmao he is quoting princess bride. i love that movie, but that line always makes me gag lol

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i'm surprised at how desperate some of you sound in order to be complemented by a guy that implies cutting off your ****, i'm sorry thats effing creepy

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ty 7. the number 7 really is lucky, eh?

Have you SEEN Princess Bride?! That's not what the quote implies at all! Even the creeper probably means he doesn't want to loose her and her perfect breasts.

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#7 I know right?! how could anyone be flattered by that?

Who said anything about cutting off her ****? The meaning of the line in the movie is that Westley doesn't want Buttercup to kill herself... I assume this guy must have meant something similar, like probably that he doesn't want to lose OP (though not because of suicide, I hope).

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people remember, it doesn't matter if you think he was giving her a compliment, the fact is that she felt uncomfortable. If she liked it would she put it on this site?

Feelings are feelings. If I feel uncomfortable, I choose to see it as my own fault until the person actually *does* something wrong. Until then, I don't judge them.

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33, just rememeber that what works for you may not work for someone else. this is drawing close to harrassment... the key word of this fml is creepily...

My contention is that "creepy" has become a cultural phenomenon with profound, even hurtful (when presumptuous), implications. If the only litmus test for determining how dangerous a person is, is "Does this person make me *feel* kinda funny?" then innocent people will get hurt, all over mere misunderstanding. If I think you have a gun, I may pull out my own, may even shoot, only to find out you had no weapon at all.

If she really did "love" him, as the story implies. This shouldn't have been creepy at all

Woops, read that to fast, disregard my last comment ^^^^

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There's too much information we don't have, like how she feels about him, their relationship in general (friends? strangers?), and whether he knows she doesn't feel that way or that she wants him not too. It's just a compliment until it's clear that it is unwanted. *Then* it's harassment.

Probably and why is that considered being creepy? Sounds like a complement to me.

Ok so how are we supposed to know she wants a compliment on her breast or body in general.

How the hell did I miss that line? Now I've got to watch it again AND pay attention. Ditto on the whole boob thing though, love 'em all. Some are better than others but still love them all.

Psst! It's after she's married the prince, towards the end. >_> -offers DVD remote-

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Yeah, it's like when she thinks he's dead so she's gonna kill herself. and he says it and then they make out.

Whats creepy ? You know the guy for 2 years. This is what guys say. Its a complement to you, you nutcase.

Sorry to have to be the grammar nazi here, but OCD is not something I can control: compliment (with an "i") is something nice you say about someone (this is what you meant) complement (with an "e") is something that completes a set, like a nice shrubbery complements the landscaping in your yard

oh what sad times are these when passing ruffians can say ni to an old woman...

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I hope you're only taking about Monty Python seeing as the Princess Bride is an American Film

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47- I'll never tell... ANY OF YOU!!!

Sounds like something I'd say. ;P It's not really that creepy... I think. o.O Depends if he's ever seen them nude. :P