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Today, I spent hours crafting a tiara to look like the princess from my boyfriend's favourite game series, Zelda. I sent him a picture of me wearing it, and got the reply: "Sure, that's nice, but you'd be better as Majora." FML
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As far as gamer insults go, that's pretty harsh...


I agree! Any girl that's willing to do stuff like this is awesome.

Well duh! We do rock! And seriously OP.. I'm sorry for the wickedly awesome burn... I would be mad in your situation, so I empathize, but at the same time I chuckled cause it was pretty smooth on his end.

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@26 I think he was too mean. He could have at least said Midna.

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I think you're missing the point that Majora is male, and wears a mask.

Next project: Realistic Samus Suit. Also, if OP's boyfriend wants Majora... Anyone who beat that game knows the boss fight involves tentacles maybe he's telling them something

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Most guys would love to have a girlfriend who's even remotely into video games, let alone dress up as a character from one. btw, my username is also from Zelda. :)

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55 you're the owl with insufferably longs lines of text in OoT! I had so much fun scrolling through the dialogue 2 or 3 times because I was too dumb to press B.

52- actually, Majora is the evil spirit possesing the mask. The guy wearing it is Skull Kid

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Your username might be from legend of zelda, but its a later game

Lol 65, that's because every time he finishes, he asks either "Do you understand?" or "Do you want to hear it again?" They want to make you re-read! But yeah, I loved just watching the text fly by lol

Even though the Majoras Mask is a bad spirit thing, I still think it's pretty sick, being super powerful and such. So OP if you look at it this way Majora isn't so bad.

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Actually, Majora's gender isn't made clear.

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What do Richard Hammond and Kate Moss have in common? They both got ****** on Top Gear.

That sounds hawt. Legend of Zelda is ftw.

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My girlfriend and I are dressing up as link and Zelda this year for Halloween o.o

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Legend of Zelda? Screw that Legend of Link

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113, your girlfriend and yourself are dressing up as Link and Zelda… respectively?

Finding a GF who's into Video Games is awesome. Especially when your both addicted to your favorite game.

Did anybody else get 115's smosh reference?

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read zelda mangas talks more about majora and how the mask was made.

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If she took her time to do that she wouldnt leave him that easy. Yes he sounds like a douche that moment but maybe he really is a nice boyfriend other times we dont hear about. Honestly OP i really hope he is more appreciative about other things.

Really... You make me sick. Have funnever finding love with that logic. Yeah he laughs at one thing, so I better leave him because he's a total dick

He actually said it was nice. He just thought OP would have been cuter as another character.

I don't think you know who/what Majora is.

I'll be honest... I have no idea. I've only beaten Ocarina of Time. I started Majora's Mask but that was years ago and I never got past the forest area.

Majora always wore a mask... I think that's why OP got pissed, but maybe her boyfriend just meant facepaint or something... maybe...

Majora is a mask, worn by a Scarecrow kid and it made him evil, but seriously just because someone isn't romantic or says everything looks cute doesn't mean they don't love each other.

It's alright OP. Tell him you'll dress like Sheik (however the **** you spell it) from now on!

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I love how your username is LarryLaDouche an your picture is Trixie:)

Sure is! Her name is Trixie and she was only in the series for one episode, but she's still my favorite!

^ u mean The Great and All Powerful Trixie right? Loved that episode!

82- I did a rehair of snow catcher for Trixie! Before her doll came out.

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At least you cared enough to make the effort

Yea really. Most girls are just like "yea ok babe go play".

Considering you went to all that effort, I'd say your boyfriend is a dick. Not worth the aforementioned effort.

As far as gamer insults go, that's pretty harsh...

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Yeah... Is he saying she's ugly & should be wearing a mask? Or is it just me who thought that? ...I hope not for OP's sake :(

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Majora is the demon whose powers manifest through the mask. A Skull Kid wears the mask.

Well that was very nice of you. Zelda is pretty awesome.