By Nat3_2020 - 27/01/2015 14:02 - United States

Today, as I walked on to the bus, the girl I liked whispered something to her friend. Curious, I asked what was so funny. She said she never realized that when I got on, I shook the bus. FML
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Tell her you can rock her world too. ;)

I'll shake her bus. From the outside. Over a cliff.


I'll shake her bus. From the outside. Over a cliff.

Damn that sucks OP, but **** her :)

Umm no. She's rude.

Hell no! Definitely not but I meant it as in screw her.

JMichael 25

You're not doing the comment justice lol.

Yup I realised and now I am face palming myself.

8313girl 28

Lol, how about forget about her

Yeah that's what I mean

"Yeeeaah, that's the ticket!"

littleteapot 21

#2 I originally read your comment as "butt **** her" lol

Tell her you can rock her world too. ;)

JuliaaNoelle 26

So smooth.

kellilynn 18

@17 Thank you for clearing that up.

Should of said let's rock and roll then.

When I used to ride the bus, it shook every time someone got on and off, no matter how much they weighed. Maybe I just rode a rickety ass bus.

xninix_fml 36

Lol at rickety ass bus :p

Rickety Ass Bus is the name of my punk band. Our hit single is also called Rickety Ass Bus, and it's from our album called Rickety Ass Bus. We also live in a rickety ass bus.

xninix_fml 36

@25 lmao I swear you always have the best comments :D

nataliewby 25

I'm sorry OP, at least you know how rude she is and dodged a bullet. You don't need a judgmental person like that in your life anyways!

Nice choice of tense "the girl I liked". You'll find a better girl.

Better off man. Girls like that aren't worth your time.

Ihavegas 22

the weight of my awesomeness biatch!

jkp1291 25

Then you say: "How about I push you off the bus? Then you'll never know the difference."