By Stevo - 18/06/2010 07:13 - United States

Today, my math teacher told me to learn how to say "welcome to wal-mart". FML
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Wow straight to the point like that ay? at least he didnt staple an application form to your test results

you could always go into art.... of course that still means working at wal-mart, but at least you get to say you are an artist.


Wow straight to the point like that ay? at least he didnt staple an application form to your test results

Wow. That sucks for you. They think you have no future. At least it's only your math teacher

hahah good call #1

Did your teacher also tell you to learn how to pass out smoky face stickers? 

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lol #1 ftw

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get a second opinion

Hahaha #1 THAT would be hilarious

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It's best to be prepared, isn't it?

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that's what you get for slacking throughout school. hopefully your good at something else

Ha ha your math teacher is awesome :) My dad always used to say "Hope you look forward to working at McDonalds for the rest of your life"

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learn how to take a joke you baby.

my social studies teacher told me I was goin to be a whopper flopper inbd

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Lol @ 1 OP - This should be a warning to you, stop slacking in school or you can end up somewhere way worse like no job at all.

you want fries with that?

Boo hoo OP, teachers do that all the time.

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Well atleast you know how to say it :)

can't be good at everything ;)

Well at least you aren't a teacher who wasted years of their life at college to whine about their pay and bitch at their students.

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you do not need math in life

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#1 wins! ur teacher sounds awesome op! well start working harder in school then u wont have to work at wal-mart

What makes you think the poster is slacking? Could be s/he just isn't very gifted at math. I'm not either. In fact, if you went solely off my math scores, you'd have good reason to believe I was the stupidest person alive. Yet I graduated from university summa cum laude and have a job I truly enjoy. Hang in there. Work as hard as you can, but remember the happiest people are the ones who know what they love doing and figure out a way to get paid for it.

FYL because you're probably in summer school fg

just tell the teacher you're dropping out of high school because of him/her. make them feel bad that they ruined you're life forever

lol!! I totally know a teacher that does that only the application is for mc donalds! lol!

I'm going to assume there's a reason your teacher said that. Thus I felt the need to click YDI for not taking your studies seriously. Trust me university/college is better cause you get to see how this knowledge applies to your work/life

my dad says to kids at his school, learn this line "do you want fries with that?" its a funny way to wind up unmotivated lazy kids. Makes the rest of the class laugh, and the kids end up seeing the funny side. op need to get a sense of humor about themselves.

Lol. Your math teacher rocks

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hahahaha well I guess the calculations for your future were = to or > less than your potential lol

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when you get that one down try "may I take your order"

"now get your shit and get the fuck out"

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agreed. fuck math teachers. throughout my 4 years of highschool i always had shitty ones. so glad i finally graduated.

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51- Some of us actually WANT to teach. It's not a waste.

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Make sure to practice!

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I guess he doesnt expect much from you.. O.o

it didn't do anything bad for cory monteith ;)

Lol, well you might deserve it if u don't know how to say that at the first try -.-.

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my little brothers reading teacher told his class "oh and by the way, i like extra salt on my fries." i used to have her too, she was such a hairy twat.

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#1 learn how to say eh eh? :) other stuff you said good

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@61 if you can't do math then you probably are one of the stupidest people alive.

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tell him to go f himself

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37 that's because your ugly

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haha are you that dumb?

you could always go into art.... of course that still means working at wal-mart, but at least you get to say you are an artist.

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haha sounds like my old math teacher

Wally word is better than "would you like fires with that?"

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true true

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This comment actually depressed me.

... shit just got real. D:

Yeah, those arsonists are always shit at math…

he/she was probobly jokeing I used to have a teacher like that he would always fool around xD

Since one little comment hurted you so much that you thought you should share it on the internet, he's probably right.

meanie. ^^^ that's what this site it for!

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"hurted"? I would like to see how far you will go in life. Wal-mart might be considered better-than-average for you.

I agree with #106.....

The "hurted" was intentional, people.

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You should of punch them in the mouth.

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@12 "Them" is plural. How many math teachers did the OP say made the comment?

Hope you're not a senior. If you still have time, you'd better kick it in gear, boy.