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  izzybellared  |  0

What makes you think the poster is slacking? Could be s/he just isn't very gifted at math. I'm not either. In fact, if you went solely off my math scores, you'd have good reason to believe I was the stupidest person alive. Yet I graduated from university summa cum laude and have a job I truly enjoy.

Hang in there. Work as hard as you can, but remember the happiest people are the ones who know what they love doing and figure out a way to get paid for it.

  seanders  |  10

I'm going to assume there's a reason your teacher said that. Thus I felt the need to click YDI for not taking your studies seriously. Trust me university/college is better cause you get to see how this knowledge applies to your work/life

  catatonicsleep  |  17

my dad says to kids at his school, learn this line "do you want fries with that?" its a funny way to wind up unmotivated lazy kids. Makes the rest of the class laugh, and the kids end up seeing the funny side. op need to get a sense of humor about themselves.

  AnonymousGalifrey  |  1

tell him to go f himself