By Anonymous - 04/12/2013 21:15 - Sweden - Uppsala

Today, I just about managed to convince the judge to overlook my client's emotional outbursts in the courtroom, promising that he'd be on his best behavior from now on. An hour later, he screamed "FUCK YOU!" at the judge for telling him to quiet down. I hate my job. FML
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perdix 29

Well... Some people are beyond saving. Sucks for you!


Well... Some people are beyond saving. Sucks for you!

Sounds like this client may be mentally ill, though.

I mean it can't suck too bad. OP is getting paid to help so I mean... Can't be THAT bad.

ashalayx 13

i dont think the OP was expecting anyone to give him a peptalk considering this is FML.

Why is he mentally ill because of this? Some people are just stupid assholes. It's not a mental disability, it's a bad attitude.

Reminds me of the FML where the client wanted to use the defense "it's not robbing a house if you've got swag." It could be worse OP :)

I think being a stupid asshole IS a mental disability.

Mental disability means they can't help it. I haven't met many mentally disabled people who are downright dicks. Now some do take advantage of their disability, but this guy just sounds like another prick.

When did we get from mentally ill to mentally disabled?

He deserves to go to jail for being a dumbass. I hope it's not a deal where you only get paid if you win.

Damian95 16

Haha this sounds so absurd it's funny. Unless you don't get paid, then I'm sorry.

incoherentrmblr 21

#2: Mr. Dumass: What a dumbass...

Let his ass get sent to jail. That's his own fault

If the judge and a lot of people witness his client yell **** you at the judge, they can probably put two and two together, saying his client was the idiot not him. But then again the people who weren't there to witness that happen might think otherwise.

This kind of thing probably gets into some sort of news outlet. I'm willing to bet many people will hear about it some way and not blame OP for his idiot client's actions

perdix 29
karatekid97 17

Some people are beyond help, OP.

Give him a reality talk or something to make him realize what he's doing... If that doesn't work yell "SHUT UP"

You're a lawyer. You make almost more than me. Stfu

AssassinBug 15

Atticus, this isn't Tom Robinson, he is not worth defending.