By Patrick R - 09/06/2011 16:01 - United States

Today, my co-worker finally gave me a check for the money he owes me. In the memo line, he wrote "for swallowing". Now I have to go cash it. FML
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Well he didn't put that for no reason ;)

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if you had wells Fargo it wouldn't be a problem, they have ATMs you can deposit your check through.

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anyone else notice OP has a guy's name?

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^^ yes I noticed haha I triple checked

Maybe OP is a guy. Maybe it was a joke. story bro.

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well the swallowing must have been worth the money to get a check for it.

you fined him for swallowing... or am I missing something?

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Haha, your co-worker ha a saucy sense of humor.

I wrote sexual favors on a check I gave my room mate for rent.

I think it's weird how many people care what other people think. Just saying :)

Oh please, like you don't. If you didn't care what people thought, you wouldn't do a LOT of things that make you what is considered to be 'socially acceptable'. Everyone cares, get off your high horse.

And from left field... some High school kid?

yea real creepy I told a person they looked good .... guess nobody complements you wonder why

I think it's pretty obvious shes a girl, and if you really can't tell all you need to do is click her profile. No need to ask that, it's kind of offensive...

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@78 its beyond clear that you are a teenager. as an adult most people really couldnt care less what is said in the memo section of a cheque theyre cashing. so long as its not something that can get you in legal issues why care? its obviously a joke and anyone who doesnt realise that isnt someone whos opinion youd care about anyway.

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seriously miss Kristen just by reading your comment I can tell you're just some annoying high school girl so just stfu

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Hey, a_nutritionist, stop bullshitting everyone and yourself. Don't be hypocritical - you don't even have a profile picture.

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102- are you a whale or a human?

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@124 that comment fails on every level. at no point did i mention a photo, so how does that make me a hypocrite you daft twat?

nutritionist - I read your comments in an australian accent.

and also, I think everyone cares what people think on some level. perhaps not to the caliber of really giving a crap about what's on a check though.

@146 I don't think you were elected to speak for everyone. Unlike you, some people really don't care about what others say about them.

Everyone cares about what other people think of them. Some more than others, and some are not willing to admit to it, but everyone cares about their image, even if it's just a little bit.

hey nutritionist, my sis and I are adults and we constantly put random comments like that in the memo section whenever we write checks to each other. you know why? cause it's ******* funny.

114, what does my age have to do with it? Throughout the 17 years of my life, i've known enough people (teenagers, adults, etc.) to know that everyone cares what others think of them. It's those adults that say "teenagers have no idea what they're talking about" that are the most immature. Accept the fact that I have a brain and can form my own logical opinions and get over yourself.

When someone says "just saying", it's makes me feel like they are uneducated. Speaking of uneducated, it's spelled realize* and please learn how to use a comma a_nutritionist. Losing arguments to teenagers is unbecoming of you by the way.

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@172 i hope that was just an anecdotal story since i clearly stated that i dont see any reason to care about a comment in a cheque, yeah thanks for that? @173 i hate arguing with teenagers, but i cant let this one go. firstly, that quote you so eloquently misused is not mine. i said it was clear from your comment that you are a teenager which has a completely different meaning - one your underdeveloped mind is yet to grasp. it means, because teenagers are at a time when they are easily influenced by anything that affects their personal image, theyre likely to find something like this to be a problem, whereas an adult without such issues wouldnt care - because its a joke in the memo of a ******* cheque. try working on your comprehension skills and argue a point im actually making rather than just throwing some random bullshit out there and hope it sticks. @175 speaking of uneducated, its called british english. its more widely used than your americanised version, and yet somehow you fail to recognise it. cant wait for your next typo list, wise ass.

"one your undeveloped mind is yet to grasp". There, now I've properly captured the stupidity of your comments. You, sir, are quite clearly set on your belief that teenagers are too immature, impressionable, etc. to understand anything. If there's anything worse then adults with that mindset, it's stubborn adults with that mindset. The only reason you "can't let this one go" is because you're afraid of being bested by a teenager. Get over it because your comments are just huge generalizations of what you think all teenagers are like, and even I know that huge generalizations are not a proper basis to start a debate with. Anyways, since you're too stubborn to see reason and I'm annoyed by your comments, I'm out of here. Or, as all of us teenagers say, TTYL DUDE.

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hey pot, havent seen your black ass in ages. im not debating the point further, youre repeating nonsense as though its a valid argument, and i honestly couldnt care less.

Wow you really like to judge don't you

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Youre you have a Facebook?I don't wanna sound like a creeper

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lmao, why does your comment have thumbs down? i thought it was a girl the whole time >.< that just makes this 10x funnier