By Noname - 13/03/2009 20:03 - United States

Today, my boyfriend and I were choosing animals that reminded us of eachother. I said he reminded me of a tiger because he is really muscular. He told me I reminded him of a zebra. When I asked him why, he said it was because of my stretchmarks. FML
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#5, stretchmarks don't occur just because she's "let herself go" - don't be so insensitive. girls naturally get curvier (hips, breasts) during puberty and it can take a few years after puberty is done for them to TOTALLY disappear. they don't need to be reddish - often when they're old they're skin-colored and not as easy to detect. don't be such a prick.




at school we did this and i got compared to an oompa loompa

Time to get rid of that guy...

what a jerk.

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fuck you, I didn't let myself go, but for you information,over the course of 3 months I grew 3inches, a 1-7 in pants,and a 34A to a doesn't mean that anyone let themselves go,it just means they grew too fast,so suck it, fuckface, next time try not to judge things you so obviously don't know shit about.

92-yeah that could be what happened. or you just let yourself go and don't want to admit it(:

fuck you too that was during a major growth spurt in puberty, you bitch ass whore!

Dumb bitch has to bring others down to make herself feel better , you didn't let yourself go , your gaining curves, (:

Haha yeah cause your one to judge bro!!!

You are soooo beautiful!(:

You need to chill the fuck out

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH this is one of the few FMLs that actually made me laugh out loud. on a more serious note though, he sounds like a dick. just saying

hahaha, this was just amazing fml.. .haha keep him :p

i lol'd. go boyfriend. i doubt he's saying that just. must be true.

Jackass. Dump him, you don't need that.

>_< I'd kick him where the sun don't shine.