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Today, as I was walking out of a restaurant with my boyfriend, I saw some guys checking me out. One of them walked up to my boyfriend and said, "Dude, you and your girlfriend have matching moustaches!" FML
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Wow, if he was a real man, he would have been mature enough not to say something like that! :P

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Want me to buy you a razor..?

1st of all.... lol 2nd of all.... fyl 3rd of all.... lol

Ah well, get some wax and it's all sorted.

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55-you look like a girl from my school

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you should of been like “I bet that's what that fag has for a ringtone”

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You commented on the wrong one, sweetie.

don't shave it cause then you'd have stubble. haha, WAX that shit!!

25, please tell me your name is supposed to be ironic...:(

Was it really necessary to tell me on here? The site does have messaging facilities.

you should have said, "you and you're girlfriend have matching clits."

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Better yet, 'you and your girlfriend have matching dicks'

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But waxing might hurt sensitive skin. :P

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49- ask wisericky or boners. or the kids mom who got caught waxing herself.

49,very friend did it once out of bordem.we laughed at his pain.(true story)

Everybody has a mustache, men's are just more defined and easier to see, plus women usually shave their's off.

since when do women "shave" their facial hair?

Women who have mustaches usually have darker hair, those with lighter hair usually just have invisible fuzz (which doesn't cout as a mustache).

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41, they don't technically "shave" their facial fair, but my mom usually puts some white sort of stuff where your mustache would be located. :P

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dude if you wax your 'stach it's just gonna grow in darker O_O these are facts

Waxing doesn't make it darker, shaving does. 'Cause waxing gets it at the root, so it grows back the same: fine & soft.

i don't know what you're talking about...girls definitely don't shave them because if you shave it, it'll grow back thicker and darker. Girls wax or bleach any noticeable facial hair. (Or pluck if they're brave haha)

I don't know where you guys are getting this information, but shaving doesn't make hair grow in thicker or darker. It may seem that way, but all you're doing is cutting hair.

128 are you an idiot of course it does ask anyone... well your friends are probs idiots too. Guess your outa luck ;)

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152 actually you're the idiot. shaving doesn't make your hair grow back faster. that's a myth. know your facts before you criticize other people dipshit.

153: 128 said "shaving doesn't make hair thicker or darker", not "grow back faster".

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At least 128 can spell and use proper grammar.

152, I really shouldn't have to defend myself here, since you already screwed yourself over, but I don't have to ask anyone. I looked it up, and it's common sense. Why would hair grow in thicker and darker when (if shaving) you're only cutting the hair that's already out of the skin? How does cutting hair change its color? Please explain.

Its called a peach fuzz, not a mustache..?

some woman do shave their whole face, it makes their makeup go on smoother.

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Strut that stash girl. Don't be insecure about it.

"that I thought were checking me out"? Wow, you can stand to be knocked down a few pegs..

I don't care if I mis-read this FML wrong. What's the worst that could happen? My comment gets rated down? Aw boohoo. Everyone make mistakes. Nobody is perfect.

do you people just scroll through comments looking for mistakes? o.O

that was rude. should have said " more than what you got" you also may need to wax....

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How is that a good comeback? What if the person who said this had a beard?

omg cant people jus read damn comments and go on with their lives. I didnt say " hey let's discuss what woulda happened if she said this. " not a discussion, a comment you don't like it then stfu and stop bitchin -.-

56- you don't have to reply on every stupid comment.... if you did you could never get off fml :P

so did your boyfriend have like no hair on his face or do you just have a little more than usual?

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if that were the case it wouldn't be an fml