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  All_I_Need  |  4

It depends on you body. I have a friend who should lose 10kg to have a normal weight but all her fat is on her butt and hips so she looks thin on her upper body (no breasts, small shoulders though her arms are a little too fat) but she sures have "rolls of fat" on her lower back.

  My2864  |  1

omg wtf stop saying 'tramp stamp'
such gay words...
also theres nothing wrong with tattoos
and the OP does not nee to be creative its her friggin body aint it?
get out of your room once ina a while

  Sun_Kissed18  |  25

hahaha didn't even notice that untill you said it :P Well thats good, it means the OP realizes her mistakes. Get a salad every now and then, might do you wonders.

By  musiciansmuse  |  0

Just an FYI: Anyone who calls "FAKE" because "fat girls don't have boyfriends" or whatever BS you wanna say about her being heavy, remember this: my aunt is WAY heavy, and she was that way before her and her husband had ever met. Just remember that, insecure skinny people. Just remember...

  Good_old_Grim  |  8

WOW!!! You totally know this one fat chick who happened to meet a fat-fetishist. This makes you an expert on the subject so I am completely in awe of your lore and wisdom and am forced to conclude that everything you say on the subject is backed by Jesus.

  RubixMonkey  |  0

Why is it now decided that fat people aren't worthy of love on the fact that you're shallow. Sure they shouldn't be fat, but (and you will trash this comment in two seconds) that some people like personality more than super skinny shallow bitches?