By busfail - 22/03/2012 18:00 - Canada - Burnaby

Today, while I was on the bus to work, a morbidly obese man sat down next to me. When my stop came and I stood up to get off, he just looked at me, said with a smirk, "good luck with that," and went back to reading his paper. I missed my stop. FML
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You should have yelled " oh look they are giving free hotdogs outside"


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Your punch would've probably bounced off of him.

or his gut would have absorbed your fist

Why not just climb over him while making sure to step on something that hurts?

nah, dont worry about hitting him he will die of a heart attack someday anyways

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Ok, we get it. But let's face it, you're fat too. Aren't you? Aren't you??? I have twinkies, and if you admit it... GOTCHA!!

WAIT A MINUTE!!! Op don't listen to them he could have ate your ass. :D

Damn straight, the op could have fell down his man cleavage never to be found again!

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a wild snorlax has appeared! snorlax used "being a douche bag" super effective!

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YDI for just letting him get away with it

You should have trolled him for the rest of the day by following him around and playing the tuba.

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No, no. Hitting is not necessary. It would only result in OP potentially losing their limb within the man's fat. The solution to this problem is a Twinkie. -pulls Twinkie out- "What's that? What's that? Yes! It's a Twinkie! Go fetch the Twinkie boy!" Throw Twinkie, fat guy dives after it and everyone is happy.

Hits wouldn't hurt him, you should have farted in his mouth.

You probably would of lost your hand

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He probably couldn't get up (;

Why? Just take out a vegetable or something healthy. Healthy food is like Kryptonite to fatties.

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I usually carry a pen or pencil in my pants pocket. I would have stabbed him in the kneecap, smirked and said, "Good luck with that." :P

WOW, I was gonna write the same thing. Guess that's what they say about great minds...

or you could just use words. make him look like a disrespectful ass in front of everyone. it's better than hitting. leaves more of an impression.

Just use his belly as a stepping stool and climb over that mountain.

He just gave all morbidly obese people a bad name!

Throw a doughnut down the isle and watch him run

#51 - I have no faith in his capacity to run. But I'm sure it would be amusing to watch the fool try.

2- actually I think it was the morbid obesity that gave morbidly obese people the bad name.

#54.. I agree..I think a better term is waddle anyway

...I know this just gonna get thumbed down anyways... :( ...but sorry for my last comment... guess it was funnier in my head...

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You should have yelled " oh look they are giving free hotdogs outside"

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Should've smirked and said "Getting laid, good luck with that"

I was thinking more along the lines of doughnut on a fishing rod but that would work too.

...I probably would've thrown skittles at him and yelled "taste the rainbow"...

Just take a lesson from the dance floor idiot and piss on him. I bet he moves pretty fast then.

Don't you think he already did? (couldn't help myself)

Referring to cookiegirl4ever's comment

Should have just climbed over the mountain!!

I did that several times at school. I threw skittles at provocatively dressed individuals and yelled "TASTE THE RAINBOW *****!!!" EVERYONE laughed even their friends in their clique right next to them.

Just because he is obese doesn't necessarily mean he has diabetes. Diabetes is a sugar-induced condition. But either way, he's unhealthy.

Diabetes isn't always sugar induced. I have it and I'm in shape.

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Morbidly Obese people usually don't avoid sugar.

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I'm under 100 pounds and I have type 2 diabetes. My diabetes was triggered from being very sick and because I carried the gene for it I developed it. Type 2 diabetes can go away if the person loses the weight and controls their diet.

I love the way #19 is spouting crap like he know what diabetes is. I'm going to smack that lackwit with my underfunctioning pancreas.

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Type two definitely isn't cause by weight, it plays a factor. It all had to do with your pancreas and whether or not it secrets enough insulin for your body.

@82: If a 6 year old kid deems it comedic to call me a lackwit, so be it. I just find it amusing that lackwit isn't even a word, and that I'm being insulted by a fool whose username is a combination of the words rat and ass, stated twice.

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I agree with 25. I have diabetes too and I'm in shape. Diabetes is a failure of the body to produce insulin or the bodies failure to receive the insulin from you pancreas.

Cad6 - it's biology time. Rattus rattus is the genus and species of the black rat. I'm assuming that's where the username came from. And type II diabetes is due to insulin resistance, not an underproduction of insulin.

Also, 'lackwit' is a word. It is a somewhat old-fashioned way of calling someone an idiot. Which is appropriate for someone who cannot tell the difference between 'r-a-t-t-u-s' and 'r-a-t a-s-s'. More t's, less s's, and you forgot a u. And the reason I said 'underfunctioning pancreas' is that I am type 1. Production of insulin is one of the main purposes of the pancreas, although not the only one.

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Cad6, I have yet to see you make a decent point on this website...

If you don't have the condition you don't know what it's like. Plain and simple. Just knowing someone that has it is not the same. It can be triggered from being over weight, genetics, a ****** up pancreas, and a few other factors. Keep your mouth shut if you're just going to sound like a fool. If you're a doctor that's one thing, if not hush.

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di·a·be·tes (d-bts, -tz) n. Any of several metabolic disorders marked by excessive discharge of urine and persistent thirst, especially one of the two types of diabetes mellitus.

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So you have type 1 diabetes

That made my laugh. Should've said "Good luck with that" when he goes to squeeze out of the bus.

And yet he somehow managed to get on the bus?

You should of brought a cookie to throw. I bet he would of followed it.

A cookie is good but a twinkie is better. Throw one of those and he would have fought to catch it.

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Lmfao...would pay to see that. ????

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Fyl op...that sucks. Maybe you should have goren the bus drivers attention? Or maybe climbed over the seat in front of you...

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Or stepped on his huge gut, kicked him in the face on the way and said "Good luck with that"

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You can so tell your picture is photoshopped...

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I just would have climbed right over him.

Dang, what a douche. You should've said "Good luck squeezing yourself out of your seat, asshole."

Ahaha, that would've been a great response. x3

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I would have taken his paper once i finally got free and would have left with it or tore it up in his face.... maybe then he might have had some incentive to stand up.

What a should have replied, "good luck finding your d*ck. I bet no one has seen in decades."

Uhh no one wants to see it to begin with lol