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Today, my boyfriend and I were visiting his parents. I'm nervous around them so he encouraged me to drink so I'd loosen up. I got so drunk I tore up all the things in his old room I thought were from ex-girlfriends and accidentally flashed his dad my crotch. FML
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How much did you drink?! I believe there's a slight difference between loosening up and getting completely drunk.

So you destroyed his things and got your junk out in front of his father. All class. I'm sure you'll be invited back soon.


How much did you drink?! I believe there's a slight difference between loosening up and getting completely drunk.

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Reminds me of Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory when he got drunk so he could say his acceptance speech for some science award. "Annnnd here's Uranus!"

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I'm sure she drank enough that she will continue finding out some new crazy shit she did every time she goes for a visit...

You should know that you're alright with what you had, when you start feeling a little tipsy. ... But that is not the case.

Who actually does this in the first place? Seems a little too ridiculous.

56, that reminded me of my cousin, he said "I drank so much last night, I got white girl wasted and threw up in my backpack" he has severe ADHD which makes it funnier :p

ElementaryEdGuy 18

This reminds me of Jenna Marbles' video about drunk personalities. "Menna Jourey slapped a random chick outside of McDonalds."

I'll just loosen up with a whole bottle of vodka.

72--- Even if he did have "severe" ADHD, the symptoms of ADHD would in no way make this funnier... Check your disabilities sir.

I have ADHD and I couldn't even think of how I could make that funnier.

Trust me, he forgot to take them before and he got kicked out of his university.. But he stay taking them again and explained and they let him back in the next year. He's not crazy, just has the worst case of ADHD I have seen so far, and I've seen some pretty weird people..

I'm probably just the average ADHD person though haha

Yeah sorry op but ydi you shouldn't have gotten that drunk. Way to make a good impression! Next time just have ONE drink to unwind!

It doesn't say how much she drank. Some people are alcohol intolerant, I know someone who drinks 1 beer and he gets 'shitfaced'. It takes 6 to get me feeling good and 7 is my limit (anger problem). And I rarely drink, maybe 0-2 times a year?

If she is old enough to be drinking she should know her limits. You're not seriously suggesting that she accidentally got hammered are you? And I highly doubt she would have agreed to drink for the first time ever with her boyfriends parents. So all in we assume she is a reasonable adult who is well aware of how much is too much. Anyway, even if you are right and she is a total lightweight who gets hammered after one beer then she shouldn't have let her boyfriend persuade her to drink. Still YDI in my eyes.

You can never know exactly what happened, it might've been her first time and drank one just to loosen up, but got drunk instead. Or she can one of those people who once they drink, they 'have' to keep drinking.

And of course it's still a YDI, I'm not saying it ain't her fault or anything. She may not understand the term 'drink responsibly'. I look at it as, once you feel good, just sip on the next one.

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71 - but she would know how Alcohol intolerant she is

For some people, it depends on the TYPE of alcohol. I have a friend who can drink beer and most hard liquor he's encountered, but if he has ONE glass of wine, it ***** him up like crazy. It's apparently an allergy. He can't even have it in cooking. Which isn't necessarily what happened here, but if you're drinking something you're not familiar with, it's sometimes hard to gauge how much to have. Might be a YDI, but would need to know more about the situation. Also, her boyfriend could have mixed her a drink that was stronger than she expected. My ex did that to me - I was a lightweight back then (just turned 18), we were at a party. He said he'd fix me a cranberry juice with Sourpuss (low alcohol mixer). Turned out the glass was 75% vodka, which I couldn't taste under the Sourpuss. Same with the next one he fixed me. I don't remember the rest of the night, but my friend had to stop him from having sex with me in her mom's bedroom (I was still a virgin). That was a fiasco. So I withhold judgement without further information.

Exactly what I meant 139. You made it sound better so I'm going to thumb my ass down and thumb your ass up, haha

It's always a bad idea to drink when nervous.. Leads to bad things!

So you destroyed his things and got your junk out in front of his father. All class. I'm sure you'll be invited back soon.

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Lol, as if u wouldn't invite her back, well that is if you was his dad ;-)

22, I wouldn't.. First impressions are everything, of course people deserve a second chance. But if she is willing to drink to loosen up for the impression. Then no second chance in my eyes. But maybe.

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@80 Make up your mind before you get dizzy, fall down and hurt yourself.

I can never make up my mind, it's a part of my ADHD unfortunately. :(

If you know you are such a sloppy drunk, why the hell did you drink so much, OP? SMH...

Wow, You definitely left an impression on his parents. Maybe more the dad.

Yes, now the return visit entirely depends on what his dad said when he saw you. Also be warned You may have gotten his hopes up for next time ;-)

Wth?? He said drink to loosen up not drink to get ****** up!

What if the bf was feeding her drinks and she's a lightweight? I've known friends that when they have a few they can lose it getting naked, swearing, crying, you learn these aren't the people to have drinks with. Also Op didn't want to drink maybe cause she knows how she can be. I think the bf needs to take some responsibility.

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Actually, no the boyfriend is NOT responsible for it, 63. I'm pretty sure he didn't shove the drink down her throat. If she handles alcohol that badly, she needs to exhibit some more control. You should never assume somebody is going to be your babysitter. If she's going to drink just to loosen up, then she needs to know her limits. If she knows her limits, then she needs to adhere to them, plain and simple. Also, you assumed that the OP objected to drinking. Nowhere in the FML did it say that she didn't want to drink. So nope, she's responsible for this.

Please don't ever get drunk again. You will wind up very, very single

She'll find someone flashing her crotch everywhere and what not.

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Why are you writing about it? If anyone's gonna post an FML about it, it should be either him or his dad.

Bostern 29

It sounds like his father may have seen how loose you were for himself, if you know what I mean.

You just imprinted a very disturbing image in my head I cannot unimprint. Well done, young commentor...

Yeah i can see that. Ignore the 2nd sentence please. "Well done man"*