By dazedandconfused - 25/06/2009 22:29 - United Kingdom

Today, at work, someone heard me throw up. I then got called aside and told being hungover at work is unacceptable. I don't drink. I'm pregnant. FML
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x3Kiome 0

Congrats! Now yell at them and say you're allow to throw up because you're pregnant.

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Oh. Congrats!


quackquackquac 0

Oh. Congrats!


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eggnogg 0

word to your mother and eh #100

platypuscatrat 0

YDI for being pregnant.

Oh yeah, because no one should ever get pregnant, right? You do realize humanity would die if that happened, right? You do realize you wouldn't exist if your mom had never got pregnant, right? Well, maybe it would be better if you didn't exist. WTF is wrong with you?? Please go die.

Engineer_Chick 0

You guys are so dumb, you maybe ever think she hadn't told anyone yet... I wouldn't want the first person I tell to be a random tattling co-worker. This would be and fml then. Leave her the hell alone

Somebody just got trolled hard :D

I think people shouldn't get pregnant (speaking of how it is nowadays, with it happening as if it were no big deal) because of overpopulation... D: w/e. that post is old, so...

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She didn't explain, or at least the FML doesn't specify that she did.

mhm, it's only really an fml if you got fired or something.

ohreally123 0

well, you're not supposed to tell anyone you're pregnant until you're pretty far along. She probably didn't want to tell her coworkers, because 25% of pregnancies end in miscarriages and it would be more of an FML to have to let everyone know that you lost the baby.

Gorillaninja 0

Y do people take FMLS so seriously. just becuz she/he did/didn't say something, doesn't mean that it happened or not

bizarre_ftw 21

210 - not all people do, just the commenters, if you don't like it you don't have to read them (but heads up, not doing so would be like going to a carnival for the food)

x3Kiome 0

Congrats! Now yell at them and say you're allow to throw up because you're pregnant.

You could have explained that you're pregnant.

shirvon100 0

aint that a trick

guitar43 0

aww im sorry but congrats!

FYL... But congrats at the same time...Unless the pregnancy is unwanted and unplanned, in which case FYLx2

Congradulation :) i hope you'll have a cute/good baby ^^

Siren_00 0

That's an easy thing to explain then. Only takes two words. prego! exactly two words. (=

Stevieebabyy 0

I hate judgemental people. FYL. And what if you were just sick? Retards these days.

fmlluver1415 6

u work with retards >.>