By dazedandconfused - 25/06/2009 22:29 - United Kingdom

Today, at work, someone heard me throw up. I then got called aside and told being hungover at work is unacceptable. I don't drink. I'm pregnant. FML
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Congrats! Now yell at them and say you're allow to throw up because you're pregnant.


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word to your mother and eh #100

YDI for being pregnant.

Oh yeah, because no one should ever get pregnant, right? You do realize humanity would die if that happened, right? You do realize you wouldn't exist if your mom had never got pregnant, right? Well, maybe it would be better if you didn't exist. WTF is wrong with you?? Please go die.

You guys are so dumb, you maybe ever think she hadn't told anyone yet... I wouldn't want the first person I tell to be a random tattling co-worker. This would be and fml then. Leave her the hell alone

Somebody just got trolled hard :D

I think people shouldn't get pregnant (speaking of how it is nowadays, with it happening as if it were no big deal) because of overpopulation... D: w/e. that post is old, so...

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She didn't explain, or at least the FML doesn't specify that she did.

mhm, it's only really an fml if you got fired or something.

well, you're not supposed to tell anyone you're pregnant until you're pretty far along. She probably didn't want to tell her coworkers, because 25% of pregnancies end in miscarriages and it would be more of an FML to have to let everyone know that you lost the baby.

Y do people take FMLS so seriously. just becuz she/he did/didn't say something, doesn't mean that it happened or not

210 - not all people do, just the commenters, if you don't like it you don't have to read them (but heads up, not doing so would be like going to a carnival for the food)

Congrats! Now yell at them and say you're allow to throw up because you're pregnant.

You could have explained that you're pregnant.

aint that a trick

Awe. That's gay.

It's "gay" because some people have it in their heads that "gay" is a synonym for "dumb."

It became synonymous with that the same way it became synonymous with "homosexual"--enough people understand its alternate usage.

So Consequences, since enough people understand that the N word means black person, should we all go around using it? You probably do.

WHat are you talking about?! His point is that English is a growing and developing language. Unlike Spanish, in which any change must be approved by the king or whatnot, in English, when people start using a word, it BECOMES A WORD. Furthermore, the word "gay" itself started out to only mean "happy," but then it changed to also mean "homosexual" just because people started using it that way, and not for any other reason at all. Similarly, for the same exact word, "gay" has become to mean "dumb" as well, so if people start using it that way, then it is the definition. Technically, "gay" no more means "homosexual" than it means "dumb."

it doesn't fucking make it right to go around saying 'that's gay' you douche bag.

Sure it does. You fucking gaylord!! Wow that takes me back to elementary school....

why not? its a very common expression. "its gay" isnt the only insult associated with homosexuality. "faggot" as well as even "homo" are both included. but why are they insults? because being homosexual is frowned upon by our community, one thing i agree with.

"our community?" sorry, my community treats LGBT people with the respect and dignity they deserve. don't use hateful language. period.

No, easylazy, the word gay did not come to mean homosexual simply because people said it that way. It was derived from the "carefree" interpretation of "happy, bright, carefree." In the 17th century the Catholic church associated "carefree" with "uninhibited by moral constraint" which was then applied sexually to describe homosexuals, adulterers and prostitutes. So, if you are one to adhere to the ordinances of the Catholic church, it would be proper to associate the term gay with homosexuality, but you would also have to use it to describe prostitutes and divorcees. And no, people saying a word does not make it a word, in English or any other language.

Right. And "dumb" really means "unable to produce speech." An insult is meant to be an insult. They're meant to be offending. For instance, "moron" was a level of retardation. Yet people would rather have one say "moron" instead of retard.

Peter Jackson is having that exact trouble in his new film (the dog in the film is called N****r)

Just because "gay" has become socially UNDERSTOOD to mean "dumb" in certain contexts, doesn't make it socially ACCEPTABLE. To equate being gay to being dumb is derogatory and shouldn't be tolerated...I thought we learned this in high school already through LGBT awareness education. Maybe you guys missed it because you come from intolerant parts of the world.

OMFG In my opinion (shared by ALL of the LGBT population I know) Gay can mean stupid. It's just a word, for god's sake. Originally it was meant to be offensive, now it's just common slang. Almost no one says it anymore, with the intention of offending people. The people who DO get offended are taking things way too personally. This happens with lots of words. That's Gay can mean anything. Has enough

Actually yes, #115, it does. In English, the use of a word makes it a word-- for example, to Google something is now a word. Do you think Google paid for that? No, of course not, it only became a word because people used it that way. "Gay" did not only become "homosexual" just because it means carefree-- if so, how the word "carefree" or "nonchalant" also not become to mean "homosexual"? The reason is because nobody used it that way. If nobody used the word "gay" to mean "dumb," then it simply would not mean "dumb." That is how the English language works. There is no way you can argue otherwise. If people did not start using it to mean "dumb," then it just wouldn't mean dumb. I have gay friends, and they do not find this offensive. It's just how the language works. And #150, yes, it does make it acceptable. When people first started calling homosexuals "gay," do you think that was acceptable? I highly doubt it because, as #115 said, it first started off meaning "carefree." The definition "homosexual" is no more connected to "gay" than "dumb" is. They both are definitions that only became attached to "gay" because people used it that way. No person got up and decided this. It only became true because people said it.

The website has information on the word "gay" and why it is offensive. "If a phrase is repeated enough, its origins may be forgotten. Because it is so common to hear, "that's so gay'" plenty of people don't link the phrase to an insult against gay people. Calling someone out for using this slur can be all it takes for the person using it to understand that it isn't simply a harmless expression." -

Can I just say that the debates that happen on this site are awesome? For the record, I'm straight. I used to be bothered by the use of "gay" for "stupid", and bitched out anyone who did that in high school. Most of my friends from college use that term, and I do too, occasionally. It really is a different word now, and not meant to insult homosexuals. I have many friends with different sexual orientations, and even though I use "gay" as a synonym for "stupid" or "obnoxious," it doesn't mean that I view my friends that way at all. How this came about is pretty irrelevant. It happened, and people use it, whether it's inappropriate or not. The comment about google being a verb now is on the right track. All languages grow and change - the word for "owl" in French has also come to mean "cool" in that language. Totally unrelated, and yet... Anyway. OP - Congrats on your pregnancy, your place of employment is an insensitive lout. I do hope you explained the situation and didn't get fired because of this!

Dear #103, I love how you're offended by the term "that's gay", but you can call someone a douch bag and THAT'S acceptable? Wow, if you're going to state your opinion, don't insult your own intelligence at the same time by contradicting yourself. Obviously, the situation was not homosexual, just as the person you were trying to insult is not really a piece of equipment used for douching. The words used now have a different meaning, just as you so graciously pointed out. I could say that I am greatly offended by the term "douch bag", but I'm not, because that would be gay.

I have gay friends who say "that's gay," to mean "that's stupid." The straight people I know get more upset about it than the gay people I know.

Would you get offended if someone looked at a straight line and said "that's straight"????????

It's a different situation with the term 'douchebag'. If, by some fluke of science, actual douchebags became conscious, intelligent, living things, the term douchebag would become offensive to them because it was used as a derogatory term in a non-literal sense. Then we'd have to come up with some politically correct term for 'em, but that's beside the point. The point is, our problem isn't with using insults, or else I wouldn't be calling you a moron right now you moron. It's using a term that's associated with some person or group an insult, insinuating that that person/group is synonymous with whatever the word in it's insult-form means.

FYL... But congrats at the same time...Unless the pregnancy is unwanted and unplanned, in which case FYLx2

Congradulation :) i hope you'll have a cute/good baby ^^

That's an easy thing to explain then. Only takes two words. prego! exactly two words. (=