By ouch.... - 22/10/2013 01:24 - United States - Duxbury

Today, my boyfriend broke a glass in the kitchen and accidentally stepped on it, cutting his foot. He asked me if I could help him clean his cut. Apparently, he's ticklish and I now have a huge bruise on my chest from where he kicked me. FML
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Well at least you know his weakness if you guys ever have a tickle fight.

oj101 33

Pour alcohol on it just for laughs.


Well at least you know his weakness if you guys ever have a tickle fight.

Yeah but it will just turn into a real fight like this one, apparently he has one hell of a kick XD

Maybe he could enter kickboxing competitions... You will just have to tickle him at the right moment... Over and over again

don't tickle the bleeding foot!

\ 28

I wonder if the tickling would stimulate the blood flow and cause blood to fly out of the wound...

Dump him, I don't see any other options

Ahh there's that good old FML advice on running a successful relationship

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Must we jump to such unpleasant conclusions, #4?

oj101 33

#6 - You must be new here. Nothing much on the FML comments section follows logic or positivity.

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I don't think I'm new anymore... And sometimes you can find helpful advice on CERTAIN FMLs. Sometimes. Never.

#11 This my friend, is colloquially known as the FML Paradox. 2 equally opposite comments making contradictory statements, and neither suitable to the community's liking.

#15 in this case never.

nice troll! :D

Just because he was bleeding?its not like he cheated on her. He probably apologized

oj101 33

Pour alcohol on it just for laughs.

HeyHeyFishFillet 34

Huge plot twist, it turns out OP's boyfriend has a pain fetish. In turn, their sex life is never the same and now she has to resort to whipping him for foreplay.

FeatherTips 10

Tickling clearly just brings out the Spartan in him.

Ouch good luck with that, I'm the same way but allover my body. You can imagine what happens when sexy time commences.

Man FYL OP. No foot fetishes for you without a kick.

Yeah. "Ticklish" Or he just let out some serious girlfriend frustrations

Lizza330 28

Maybe he didn't know that he was ticklish. And i'm sure he didn't mean to kick you, it sounds like it was an accident.

ouch. well now you guys are hurting together. at least you know he's ticklish there now