By Alec - 10/12/2012 07:01 - United States

Today, I went on a date with a great girl; we went out to dinner and saw a movie. After the movie, we went out to my car to find out that a homeless man had broken the window, climbed into it, and was eating the leftover pasta with his fingers. FML
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Or bacon. If you touch my bacon I will bite your ******* hand.

What if it was leftover spaghetti "carbonara" with lots and lots of bacon added? Would you have bitten that homeless guy's fingers?

#27, please don't confuse hands with bacon.

How do you get Sexually Transmitted Diseases from eating pasta???

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@101 - That "whoosh" you heard was the sound of the joke going over your head.

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I woulda beat the shit out of anybody that messes with my car especially if it's some homeless loser

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I wonder if the pasta was good.

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#2 Plot twist she finds out it's her Dad; whom is actually her long lost grandpa

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That happened on Saved by the Bell Christmas episode! I love it!

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68 - So granddaddy went in back in time, made out with granny. Then he went forward to make out with granny's daughter resulting in OP? Dear god doc, what have you done!?

I can't believe he didn't use cutlery.. The nerve of the man!

But at least it wasn't Dirty Mike & the boys.

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Personally, I think OP should have been kind enough to offer cutlery. Just because he's homeless doesn't mean he's a savage, sir!

Well, pasta isn't as good the next day anyway.

I have to agree with 10, sometimes it's better the next day!

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It wasn't the next day though.

I have to agree with 4, leftover pasta is one of the few things that is hard for me to eat. It always feels even mushier.

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Am I the only one who's wondering why hobo Joe stayed inside the car?

Probably because its warmer than sitting in the snow

nnnope 26

I must've missed the part of the FML that mentioned snow being present. Also, even then, a car that has not been on for 1.5 - 2 hours (the length of a movie) is still gonna be pretty damn cold.

Its winter in america so i was assuming it would be cold. Yeh ok maybe it's not snowing where ever OP is from but it is definitely always warmer in a car than outside of the car regardless of how long it has been turned off

nnnope 26

Tell that to people with leather seats/ I see your point though.

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But he broke the window, so wouldn't the heat be going out anyway...?

What was with the random pasta in your car?

They went to dinner. That was their leftovers.

Maybe it's just me that thinks pasta isn't worth taking in a doggy bag...

Yes, it's just you. Why do you even feel that way?

Why is it the norm to take leftovers in America? We would never do that in Scotland.

We don't want to waste good food... It's good for lunch the next day

Same in England... Over here you get portions that aren't big enough you can't finish them in one serving.

You two should have joined him... Or or just called the cops.

He would have eaten better in jail than on the streets.. Fresh-ish food vs cold left overs..

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From what i have heard of jail food id rather eat cold leftovers

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At least the rest of the date was good

I hope the pasta was at least spaghetti. Everyone loves spaghetti. You could have asked him to share!

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Luigi: I hope she made lots of spaghetti!

No. No. No. That's "everybody loves parfaits" not spaghetti.

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As much as this probably sucked to experience, I can't help but feel horrible. That homeless guy was probably just really hungry and desperate. :/

But now OP has a car with a broken window, no leftovers for tomorrow. And I bet that car will smell bad for awhile. Homeless people have a tendency to smell horrible. OP, haven't you heard of never leaving things in the open where people can see it? Compartments are your best friends!

86- The guy is starving, people around the world are starving. And you worry about a window and the smell of your car. Haha, wow, that's really sad.

I had my car broken into so some douche nozzles could throw my c.d's. Around. If it were an homeless man who needed food it would be a different matter.