By ikungfuyou - / Tuesday 27 December 2011 07:11 / United States
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  downtime  |  12

51, Plenty of people give their neighbours or family keys on the off chance that there is an emergency or they have locked themselves out. Common sense is still around, you just don't know about it because apparently you lack it.

  downtime  |  12

Assuming the front door wasn't locked, it wouldn't make any difference. People don't have the right to enter another persons property unless permitted by the owner. The mother was in the wrong regardless of the situation unless they had organised for her to come by previously, end of story. Locking the door is irrelevant.

  fo_86  |  0

Hilarious comment!! But any parent that can stand there long enough to have their son stare at them and go faster while catching them masterbate is disturbed!!

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