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By Sophie - 27/12/2011 04:21 - United Kingdom

Today, I got hit by a car. My friends left me to get to the hospital myself. The cab was double fare. FML
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ElectricGhost_fml 5

they don't really sound like 'friends'

MrBoredGuy 1


ElectricGhost_fml 5

they don't really sound like 'friends'

FYL, get new friends. That's not cool, man. Ps, you could have called an ambulance..

rachaelheartsNY 8

13- yeah, but if OP doesn't have health insurance it would prob be more expensive to take an ambulance.

Probably because you were bleeding all over his cab

Dammit Ben bailey! Quit making people fall in pits and start giving out free rides again!

22 and 29, OP is in the UK. We have the NHS.

The ride should of been free or cheap...yep. Could be too, that because of that reasoning, the cab may have been the quicker option? Either way, OP, your friends are NOT your friends, what an abominable thing to do. What happened to the vehicle that hit you? The Police?? This really is starting to sound like a hit and run... So sorry OP. I would call the cops to inquire, and if so, press charges against your "friends." They need to be punished for their blatant disregard of human compassion in some manner.

koolkat27 13

51- you're 14 and holding a gun. Wtf?

It's most likely an airsoft one. No need to worry.

61- I agree! But, he's from Canada, what'd you expect?!?!

jDCrackpot 7

OP's from the UK, you don't need to pay for healthcare here. Ambulances are free and available to those who need them, non emergency can ask for a patient transport vehicle. FYL for having really crap friends, but you can't be too seriously hurt if you could get up afterwards and get a taxi. You're pretty lucky for that.

MrBoredGuy 1
AlaskanEskimo34 0

They've made this nifty new thing now a days called an ambulence, it's great for a time like this.

No matter what happened to the 'friends', car, or money, that was a pretty dick move on their part.

where I am ambulances bill you up to $300-$500 for a ride to the hospital i'm assuming it's around the same where the OP lives

wutzup 0

Dont you mean fingers cause i dont get it any other way.

He's from the uk. Ambulances are free there :P

MrBoredGuy 1
rachaelheartsNY 8

OP could have died or became a vegetable for life.

Your friend could have pushed you in front of that car.

Mister_Triangle 21

It could have been you from the future trying to stop yourself from paying a double-fare taxi

...or if OP's friends hit her with the car, and then left her. |the kid|

DKjazz 20

Damn it, we were working up a nice rhythm there.

You could have left your wallet at home!

oh my god!! i am so sorry.. that's so mean.

xSonic 9

Well that doesn't seem very...fare :D Eh? Eh?

Sorry to hear OP. At least you're alive. Time to find new friends.

jaredjudd21 2

Your friends are GENIUSES!!! but no your life sucks

I don't know what's worse, OP's accident, or your comment.

jaredjudd21 2

I don't know what's worse your attitude or your love for pokemon

Pokemon has changed my life. Don't be hatin'.

jaredjudd21 2

Pokemon ruined my childhood, I became an addict, but I'm over it now ;(

CoolRainbowdash 15

#33 Fuck you Pokémon is awesome

Pokemon is the gayest most worthless crap ever and if u legitimately like it and arent just trolling then u need to grow up.

Stormdriven37 6

Wow. You had to take a cab? It probably sucked getting in with no help, depending on your injuries.

Notyour6969_fml 1

Sounds like friends you dont need...