By Anonymous - 24/05/2012 19:23 - United Kingdom - Sheffield

Today, I was eating lunch, and accidentally got ketchup on the sofa, so I hastily doused it with stain remover. The ketchup is now no longer there; however there is a larger stain in its place. I stained the sofa with stain remover. FML
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Could it be that now that spot is actually just cleaner than the rest of the couch now?


Ironic FMLS are the funniest in my opinion. no offense, OP.

Stain removal (or really anything that is used on a fabric, for whatever reason), usually has it listed in the directions to TEST it in an inconspicuos (I'm sure I butchered that) for exactly that reason. YDI, OP for not following directions.

xoconnie 8

ooh snap! try to keep a pillow over it and blame it on someone else...

It's like the painting of Whistlers Mother in that Mr. Bean movie!

@35 - actually it would! As long as the new stain covers the entire sofa, it's no longer a stain. It's just the sofa's new colour then. :)

Oh... I was looking where my comment went. It was meant in reply to comment #2, I guess either I or the app messed up in placing it correctly. Sorry guys!

Op look on the bright side - now all you have to do is stain the rest of the couch

Been there done that.....take a damp cloth and gently wipe the edges of the stain, hopefully that will work!

blcksocks 19

That's not right. I think op should now spill some ketchup over the stain from the stain remover and then when the couch is all ketchupy again, pour appropriate amount of stain remover this time and it should work. Beleive me, It's fool proof.

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Just use duct tape. Duct tape fixes anything. And if it can't, well, you're in pretty deep.

Fool proof you say? That's coming from someone who spelt believe as beleive?

jajaflan 4

What he should do is either put more ketchup on or more stain remover

35-Great point, but since ketchup was da porblem why not choice a different topping thing? Such as relish or mustard? Hhmmm?

This wouldn't have happened on Billy May's watch. *removes hat*

DKjazz 20

Oh, I got it! Put stain remover on your hot dog. It won't remove the stain on the couch, but at least you won't have to deal with it anymore.

add more stain remover to remove the stain remover?

If all else fails just flip the cushion, no one will ever know.

Hmm if its on the arm then OP is shit out of luck haha

theneatoburrito 8

That's basically my philosophy in life. If you can't fix it, hide it. :)

iloveyou2129 6

put a small hand towel over the arm

Or what if it's one of those cushions that don't have the same material on the other side? Then it's even more obvious! Haha

Could it be that now that spot is actually just cleaner than the rest of the couch now?

Nope, the remover changed the couch from its intended color. That's what my understanding of the FML is, at least.

Great point, but again relish or mustard!!! ;D

Oh, the irony of life! You wouldn't happen to have laxatives that make you constipated aswell, would you? Or toothpaste that makes your teeth yellow? If you keep it up, that's where you'll be heading.

How about the only person not wearing a seat-belt surviving a car crash? Yeah.... depressing and truthful huh?

Yeah, and how the drunk driver always lives but not the person they hit...

I read this FML "I was eating ketchup and accidentally got lunch on the couch." *giggles like a little school girl*


12 - either that or could be just a complete idiot?

What's so idiotic about misreading something? Everyone does that sometimes.

Uh, I was talking about the fact where he said "giggles like a school girl" & I'm pretty sure that is why the guy above my comment asked if he was high, not because he misread it.

You hear that guys? Giggling like a little girl makes you an idiot. I must be the must idiotic idiot to have ever been an idiot then.

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Its ok Mrsassy i understand you.