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By why - 17/08/2013 14:18 - United States - Lexington

Today, we were having a family dinner with my boyfriend's parents and mine. In the kitchen, when we were getting the food ready, he proposed. I screamed. My dad thought he was hurting me, came in and tased him in the leg. FML
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onealmxwilson 18

"I was going to marry my girlfriend, but then I took a taser to the leg."

Ah thats hilarious,


Ah thats hilarious,

AtomicDiamond87 15

I thumbed up cuz it is. Haha have a nice day son in law!!!

JE553 9

Her dad was clearly so shocked by it that he had to share

Did you say yes?

Gothicbunnyx3 16

Nobody cares that you thumbed the comment

I'd like to point out that I'm sure the dad shot ops fiancé in the third leg...

It's all fun and games until somebody gets tased

The underlining problem here is op's dad does not like the boyfriend. Or the boyfriend has a history of abuse. Why else would a scream automatically lead to a tasing?

Is ops dad Silas Robertson?

Wedding proposal gone wrong..

onealmxwilson 18

"I was going to marry my girlfriend, but then I took a taser to the leg."

at least its a funny story a few years down the road?

KingCeltic77 18

I was going to get married but then some thugs attacked me in the middle of my wedding.

32- um, too bad for you?

The funny thing about this is that "taking an arrow to the knee" actually means getting married.

onealmxwilson 18

I know I was kinda playing off that too lol

emmybabe987 10


onealmxwilson 18


^All of this


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People should atleast find out what the problem is then react... Bet he felt like an idiot of tasing him.

Did he have a taser holstered, ready for action???

Yeah, the boyfriend must have just been shocked.

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You would have to taser someone 10 times consecutively for it to be fatal.

look up the statistics.

I think the reason for having a taser in the house is the same for having a gun. Though the dad probably should have checked before activating protect mode.

OP's dad could be a police officer. Having a taser is reasonable for an officer, on or off duty.

MikeonFML 17

Could be a lower strength one that he recently bought and had just been itching to use

The thing is that if you shoot someone in the leg, they most likely won't die. If you tase them, it almost doesn't matter where, if they can't take it, they can't. And just because someone's a cop doesn't mean they can tase whoever the hell they want to.

71 - a healthy young adult might be able to take 10 and only go into cardiac arrest once and be brought back... However a 30yr old man died in the UK not long ago from one taser shot. So go figure.

I'm sure the boyfriend/fiancé was a bit 'shocked' at that reaction too

It's very unlikely that someone will have an out-of-the-ordinary reaction (if they have hemophilia, for instance) to a gunshot wound in the leg. Chances of some kind of heart issue that'll make a tase fatal or near fatal are much higher...

I believe that this could have been avoided, by getting the father's permission first like a real gentleman.

True, he should have figured out why OP screamed first, but people shouldn't scream so often. Screaming is for emergencies. When someone screams, it makes sense to think that something terrible happened. Unless you're in real trouble, you shouldn't scream. Its annoying and it hurts peoples ears. Screaming is for calling for help. But also, people should be careful with tasers, you can't just go all trigger-happy and tase people whenever.

it's a Tennessee thing!! Trust me..

punkyboy 11

well did you say yes.

I know, right? She left us in suspense .__.

Jake_Hale 7

Congrats OP! I wonder if they had sex after OP's dad did that to piss him off.

punkyboy 11

57-it depends how many volts the dad put in him. For all we know he could be in the hospital

The real question is, did he retract the proposal when he found out her father is nuts and tasers people without assessing situations.

Your dad was just protecting his daughter, as all dads should. Don't hold it against him.

MissCharlotte_fml 26

Cant he tell the difference between a happy scream and a genuinely scared one? Also, nothing gives him an excuse to just assume he is hurting her and taze him. He should have taken four seconds to actually assess what is happening instead of jumping to conclusions.

rabidpeach 5

he should have gotten out his conclusions map. so then he could jump to a conclusion. ah the door is that way? ill let myself out...

I suppose he was protecting her, but really? a taser?? I guess he's a "shoot first ask questions later" type of dad.

If I'm a guy, I don't want anything to do with a father-in-law who will shoot first and ask questions later. What if the next time she screams, it's because she just found out she's pregnant, and his first reaction is to pull out a .45 and open fire? Sorry, but I'd have nothing to do with that family thereafter.

Doesn't every dad do that to his daughter's new fiancé?

When I saw that Tennessee was the location I laughed so much harder.

michael666 7

haha he's lucky the dad didn't come out with his .44 magnum instead of a tazer.

I live in Tennessee :(

evan_7899 28

That's a shocking situation...

no. those puns aren't acceptable.

Yeah man, just buzzzzz off.

klovemachine 24

yes, this pun is funny :-D and tailored to this particular situation :-)

Jake_Hale 7

Idk to me it was a "shocking" funny pun xD

That's what makes a pun funny 68...

Ahhh dad's. Can never get enough of em.

Dad's what?

Dad's taser gun.